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  • How long do Five tens last?
  • hora

    I’m guessing 57 is the cost price for FiveTens….

    Premier Icon sprocker

    I had the baros red ones and they lasted 10 months in the peak 1 – 2 times a week. They seem to soak up water and keep it there so got heavier and heavier. They lost shape by the end but I was always happy with the grip etc.

    Just got the shimano flat pedals ones, look a bit sh..t but are lighter and more resilient to water. They also look battered though after about 5 months use.

    Premier Icon Sanny

    Depends on use.

    I had a pair of Camp 4’s – they lasted less than a year before the upper started to split at the seams and the lower wore out.

    I also had a pair of their running style shoes. Again, the sole came away from the upper. They’re now held together by gorilla tape for paddling and diy!

    The rubber is great but the softness compromises their lifespan. However, it’s the rest of the show that I always seem to wear out first.

    For the money, I’ll be sticking to Haglofs in future.


    Welovemountains have Five Ten Sam hills for 64quid…wahoo..

    Orders over £50 free delivery

    Free? Only if the item is full price and not ‘on sale’ so its an extra tenner.

    Ok, I’ll shop elsewhere.

    Premier Icon Potdog

    I have a pair of Freeriders which did me about 18 months of pretty much daily riding. Would have had them resoled, but found it impossible to get the kit out here. Bought a fresh pair, but still have the old ones as a backup. They don’t see many wet rides to be fair, so my experience may be a little unusual 🙂


    Forever. Had my Impacts for 4 years and they have seen serious abuse, including plenty of “hike-a-biking” up munros. They may not look the coolest, but longevity is superb.


    hora – Member
    I’m guessing 57 is the cost price for FiveTens….


    Yeah, they are about £47 +VAT.


    I’m obviously a bit biased seeing as I resole shoes for a living but I like putting decent dotty rubber on any old skate shoes – provided the uppers are in good condition you can get the perfomance of 5.10’s shoes on pretty much anything with a flattish sole.

    I’m currently riding in some old Airwalks that cost about £15 and are now on their third sole.

    BTW I’m also £10 cheaper than Feetfirst… 😉


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