How (colour) co-ordinated are you?

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  • How (colour) co-ordinated are you?
  • Premier Icon xraymtb

    Recent searching for a new jersey got me thinking – how co-ordinated, or otherwise, are the general STW population when on the bike?

    Are we talking matching gloves to helmet? All black? Neon green shorts with orange top, baby blue helmet and pink gloves? Anything as long as its branded the same as your bike? Whats the consensus on how much is too much?

    (and yes, I know it doesn’t matter and everyone is free to wear sunscreen etc…)


    Randomly ended up with helmet shoes and jacket all in olive green as were the best price and colour at the time of purchase over 10 months or so.

    Premier Icon rogermoore

    I was, but then got a warranty replacement frame in a different colour and everything went to pot from there!

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    Both my current main bikes are mainly black. BMC is black/white with red ano components. Cannondale is balck with blue.
    My cycle specific clothes are black apart from the odd hizviz jacket and gillet.
    Sadly I do tend subconciously to colour match. One recent lunchtime in the local the barmaid pointed out that my t-shirt detailing, socks and backpack all matched the blue highlights on the bike. And my eyes obvs…

    Maybe move this to the pathetic middle aged man thread..

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Sartorial elegance personified, me…

    Fun fact. I got married in those shorts.

    I think the only bits of non-black kit that happen to be the same colour are my Giro helmet and PX waterproof jacket (bright yellow), my thin full finger Dafeet gloves are fluro orange and my Funkier shorts that I wear over black padded bib tights during the autumn/winter are neon blue…

    Basically, I try to dazzle drivers even when I don’t have my bike lights on, saying SMIDSY has me laughing at them rather than them laughing at my fashion sesnse. 😉


    Incredibly low down my list. Whatever is on sale or at the bike jumble. That goes for bikes and clothes. My full suss has all sorts of coloured anodising on the bits and bobs, one red, one black wheel rim. Clothes wise, a helmet in neon yellow because it was half the price of the nice colours and couple of medium gaudiness pyjama tops

    Premier Icon iainc

    Very ! All kit, bikes, packs etc are blue, white, black theme. I have however just bought an orange coloured bike… 😜

    Premier Icon lawman91

    Ashamedly very! Both MTBs are black or silver with orange accents, even the bars, stems, grips, saddles, wheels, tyres match! Most of my kit is grey, black or orange too…

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Not so much colour coordinated but I do have a preference for anything blue and white…


    not very although I have a preference for mostly grey and black with bits of bright colour so my capsule ensemble is relatively modular.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    collars and cuffs match.


    I don’t match my kit to my bike. But I like my frame to be the only bit of colour, with everything else black. Anodised bling isn’t for me.

    Riding gear, I generally only ride in Fox gear, as I like it, it fits well and on the whole, works well (some of the longevity is a bit suspect). I generally go with black or dark grey shorts. Then ride in whatever t-shirt I like. My Giro helmet is maroon, which by chance matches my lightweight and wet weather fox jacket.

    I much prefer subdued and subtle colours, rather than bright jazzy colourways.

    On MTB’s I don’t think you should, on road bikes definitely some co-ordination required.

    1. Never match kit to frame.
    2. Shoes and helmet should match. Go for black or white to go with the rest of your gear.
    3. shorts should be black

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    ****. We’ve turned into Velominati…


    On a bike? Errrr, no idea really. I pretty much always wear my black Endura Humvee shorts, so anything else is going to clash with that. If it’s a serious race, then a normal cycling top, if it’s hooning around, maybe something a bit more vivid.

    Round town and commuting it’s as visible as I can find. Taxis are practically blind these days

    Premier Icon DezB

    Never thought about it, just buy stuff because I like it and it’s cheap. I have black shorts, grey shorts, blue shorts, a red/white/blue top, a brown top and a couple of purple tops. Various blues, reds and lime green tops for commuting. Just bought this cheap on ebay, but not worn it yet.
    Matches nothing 🙂

    Premier Icon nickc

    I used try to stick to black/white/red but it’s slipped recently

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Today’s ride on silver and red bike saw me in turquoise windproof jacket, moss green baggy shorts, bright orange Shimano shoes (better than my old gold ones) and a lime rucksack, all topped with silver helmet.

    It’s a strong look.


    Black. Everything goes with black…

    Premier Icon woodster

    I tend to buy whatever’s on sale and I tend to choose brighter colours so I rarely match.

    Had the piss ripped out of me the other week as I’d managed to wear an outfit that looked very pro/matchy-matchy despite all the brands being different.

    Too miserly to be colour co-ordinated….

    Premier Icon nwmlarge

    I usually go with black everything and coloured goggle straps

    Premier Icon bowie278

    Always black shorts and socks. Don’t wear gloves so they’re out the question but my helmet and shirt normally carry some colour. Don’t match my outfits to my bike coz I find that a bit ermm.. yeah…


    Well played sir, well **** played. A symphony no less absolutely outstanding.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    I don’t like being to colour matched at all. It’s like you state trying too hard.

    Most of my stuff is black anyway, with the odd bit of colour here and there. Blue helmet bike though to be a little more visible and less bland.

    Bike parts however absolutely must match!

    Err the brighter and clashier the better I’m afraid.

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Is this going too far?


    I’ve always been colour co-ordinated me:



    looking well there Bob…………… ;o)

    Fun fact. I got married in those shorts.

    What was her guide dog wearing?

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    I’m going for a road ride later, probably a good thing that it’s dark this time of year. Does high-vis gilet, helmet and gloves count?

    Never been a fan of the ninja look, why give cars an excuse for hitting you?

    Premier Icon DezB

    Never been a fan of the ninja look

    I nearly pulled out in front of a (very fast) roadie the other day. All in black, right on the kerb edge of a bike lane. I did see him, but had to ride up a kerb to avoid (yes, I was on bike too)… very colour co-ordinated (if black is a colour) and dead sexy, but yeah, why? I know everyone should look properly, but reality is… oh well.

    Premier Icon Daffy

    For the bikes themselves – Very.

    For me on the bike, not so much.

    Bibs, helmets, shoes, gloves are all black, but I have a range of jerseys from black>neon pink.

    I do consider whether the jersey would clash with the bike, but it wouldn’t make me change it or influence my decision on purchasing.

    What I do hate is branding. I buy kit that has little to no branding on it at all. It may clash with the bike, but it’s still classy.


    How colour coordinated?

    Very and always.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Bikes always have some sort of theme going on (usually orange with black or black with single colour accents), but riding kit is pretty much all black with maybe the odd colour highlight. Much like the rest of my wardrobe.

    Long gone are my art student days of hot pink lycra as casual wear… Thankfully we were too busy being ‘arty’ to take photos of each other back then.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Not at all, however my everyday bike and the one that preceded it are coincidentally both the exact same colour as my car.

    I do not have a Captain America themed bike.

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