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  • oldgit

    Not had any since 2000 – Sidi Techno Fires. They were a great fit, but the soles fell off and the ‘wire’ loop that you wound up with a little wheel didn’t like mud at all.
    Missing the fit, but not the quality. Are they still the Lancias of the cycling world.


    soles fell off my dragons last year they had about eight months in em.

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    Mine are 3 years old and still going strong. I’ve got Dominators and I reckon that the single clicky buckle and twin velcro is pretty reliable compared to some of the more tech closure systems out there. Throw away the original insoles in favour of some better ones like Specialized or Northwave.

    Premier Icon eddie11

    great. 2 years now through spring-autumn riding. agree with mtbfix – bin the insoles they are awful

    Premier Icon Pickers

    Can’t speak for the mtb ones but my Genius 2 road shoes are 15 years old and going strong. Northwave mtb shoes not so good though…..


    Just ordered some eagle carbon srs(2xvelco and ratchet) from cyclesurgery in the sale for the summer, still pricy but these are a gift from my wife. Shimano 183n for the wetter days (these have to live outside as the stink of cats pee)

    Premier Icon drain

    Dominators still going great after 4 years of heavy abuse in all sorts of conditions. Still the most comfy shoes of any sort that I own!


    Lost a couple of screws out of the sole off my Dragons (not using at the moment so not a problem).

    Anyone know of anywhere that sell Sidi spares? (Google searched but all I can find is straps, heel pads etc – no screws)


    Dreadful – they lasted a season then the soles fell off. Rubbish. Back to Shimano now.

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Top strap on my Dominators failed the other day – I’ll get round to buying a replacement at some point but the rest of the shoe is looking pretty tatty and my Shimanos are so much stiffer.


    I have a pair of Dominators that are just over 13 years old and they are still excellent.


    My Dragon II’s are still going strong after 5 years, and the only flaw is the flappy grip for each of the Techno wire straps have fallen off.

    I’ve got some Dominators from 14-15 years ago and are still going strong. Only during the last few months did 2/3 stitches come apart but considering the type of MTBing I do (which usually involves a great deal of walking)they have been a gem. Build quality is second to none! They have performed so well I have recently bought a pair of Diablo’s, fingers crossed they last even longer than The Sidi of the mid 90’s 😉

    Premier Icon djflexure

    Leather on road shoes cracked – both feet – after few months. I would probably avoid them.

    Premier Icon DaveRambo

    I’m on my second pair – in 15years.
    Got a pair of Action 2’s at present – on my second set of replacement soles and they feel as good as new.

    Interesting how some people seem to destroy them while others have them for years.
    I don’t really look after mine – just a brush down when they get a bit muddy and an occasional proper clean when I feel guilty.


    My last pair of Dragons lasted about 9000 miles of daily commuting through all weathers – they’re still perfectly usable only I got some carbon soled Dragons and prefer them now (a lot stiffer). My current pair are about 3000 miles old and still going strong.

    I don’t really look after them as well as I should – maybe a brush down at the weekend when I get a chance…

    I’ll buy another pair if / when one of the pairs finally gives up the ghost

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    My Dominators are almost as good as new after 2 years. The girlfriend’s Guaus are looking a bit tatty and scuffed after 3 but still seem to be retaining their structural integrity.

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