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  • spooky_b329

    I would go against some of the advice on here…if you are faced with a nervous horse, whatever you do, don't hide in the bushes or behind a tree! The horse isn't stupid, you began as a scary monster, now you are a scary monster lying in wait… If you want to keep the peace, put the bike down/suggest that the rider introduces the horse to the yourself/the bike. Some are stupid and need introducing to a builders skip every day for two weeks, but most will work it out and learn that its not anything to be afraid of.

    I wasn't going to risk having one of the stupid things jump around in front of me again, so I hammered through and got past before they realised what had happened.

    I could think of lots of things to call you Graham 🙄 How do you think those horses are going to react next time they meet a biker? Sheer panic. Did you even look back to see if any of them had been thrown off? Prat. I ride my gf's horse occasionally, I am a complete novice on a horse, but she is very docile and even the crow scarer cannons don't worry her too much, but if someone came past like you describe, I would have no chance of staying on board. Its a lot further to fall when you are on a horse.

    I used to be scared of horses – they're big and have big hard feet and fiercely large teeth. Once you start riding them you realise that they're rather timid creatures which are easily scared. Their greatest fear is old fertiliser sacks flapping suspiciously in the breeze – to the point that I've been on a horse that ignored a huge artic loaded high with timber charging by but then jumped out of its skin when it saw a plastic bag in the hedge a moment later…

    Horses have extremely good memories (though a very poor sense of logic) so once they've established that bicycles aren't scary they'll be fine thereafter – until someone hoons by (particularly if approaching into a headwind so they don't hear or smell you until the last minute) and leaves a less positive imprint.

    Most people I know who ride horses round here (Sussex) aren't in the least bit posh, by the way. And I don't mean they're merely middle class professional types as opposed to landed gentry, I mean they're the kind of riders that thought Jordan's range of horsey clothing was classy and spend all the money they haven't got on their equine associate. The only reason they appear to look down on non-riders is because they're sitting so far from the ground – it's simple geometry!


    I have horses, so not scared of them personally.

    Big tip: Talk to them as they approach. Not the rider, the horse. In the same way you would talk to a dug or a cat.

    hello horsie
    i see you looking at me
    i know, big scary bike
    i'd give you a mint if my horse hadn't eaten them all already.
    etc etc.

    They soon figure out you're a person and chill a bit.


    Yep, they are completely unpredictable.

    The GF has an ex racehorse, probably the most unpredictable type having been fed food to get it hyped up half it's life. I understand them better now, but still give them a wide birth, it's no good being in the 'right' if the things already reared up and kicked your front teeth out!

    He is a lovely fella though, even if he does stop dead and refuse to budge when he comes across a bit of road that's been resurfaced! He can cope with bikes if there is someone on them, but will not pass a bike lying on the pavement or leaning against something rideless! Prams are ok if being pushed by a human, but ever so scary if unattended!!


    As my job involves putting shoes on the nice little horseys i have learnt how to handle them and pick up on warning signs/body language. If you don't have that experience they are intimidating due mainly to the size of them, but as most have said just stay calm as they pick up on your mood/nerves and talk calmly to them as they approach. Defo don't go flying past without warning as the next mtbiker that comes into contact is going to have more problems.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    I always stop to let them past if the trail is narrow & we meet head on. Always call out if approaching from behind etc.
    Not because i'm particularly polite but because the bloody things terrify me!
    Most riders are lovely, one woman once however rapped me on the helmet with her riding crop & enquired.. "Young man, is this a bridleway?"
    Her riding friends had the good grace to look suitably embarrassed as i fought the urge to take the crop off her…

    Mind you, once out on the MTL near Burnley & at the top of a descent i saw a lady rider heading up. Wanting a clear run i waited til she was past. When she came level she asked "Are you loopy?" in a very posh accent.
    I said "What?" as i couldn't believe what she had apparently said.

    "Are you LOOPING?" she asked again

    Me: "Oh no, not today (phew) just a short ride"
    Her: "what do you think of the Loop?"
    Me: "I think it's great, really enjoy riding it"
    Her: "Oh good, Mother would have been so proud"

    At this point i realised i was talking to Aristocracy! 😳

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