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  • Three_Fish

    They’ll rip your face off. Or melt it. Or something. They’re OK.

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    Yes. They are good IMO.

    I put some V2s with 203mm rotors on my Prophet for an Alps trip and they were flawless.

    I am heavy with the brakes and the Juicy 7s that I had before would fade on long descents – scary at times….

    And they are a British company, keeping British folk in jobs.

    Premier Icon OwenP

    Yeah they work well, lots of power, no fade issues.

    Obvious downside, they are heavy and its large rotors only.

    Big thumbs up for the Tech levers though, easy to replace parts and easy to bleed.

    If you don’t need big alpine brakes but like the V2 look, it’s the X2. The M4 is inbetween (i think…)


    Anybody using them ❓ and are they any good 😉


    I’ve got X2’s, they stop this fat bast**d on his 5 ok.


    I only use Hope. Got both V2 & Mono6 ti, both really good.

    From what I know of brakes, if modulation is what you like on a brake, go for hope – Kevlar Superstar pads are my favourite by the way, just preference though…

    i run hope V2’s on my 5. really like em, and much better than my avid elixer 5’s ive got on my HT. Got em with the 203mm rotors front and back.

    I like a brake to give instant power as i like to brake late into corners with just a quick dap. Rode a 5 once with the standard hope X2’s did not like em, not strong enough for me. Hence why i went for the V2’s on my 5.

    The hopes are easy to work on (bleed (no special kit required), adjust etc) and are a great bit of kit. Cant fault em


    I have tech v2’s with 183mm rotors on my Pitch and really rate them, only got them as i picked up a second hand bargain on sdh – my choice brake new would’ve been the tech m4’s having already had years on a set of mono m4’s.
    With 183mm rotors fitted on my v2’s i find them perfect power wise, great modulation and not too grabby. Expensive but worth it long term for there serviceability imo.

    Hob Nob

    I ran some on my DH bike for 18 months or so. They were pretty good to be fair, but they weigh newly twice as much as the Formula’s on my little bike, and arn’t really any more powerfull.

    I sold my bike and them, ended up with a cheaper bike and some XTs on it. Better modulation and a slightly lower power level, but a third of the price, so happy days.

    Not sure why people are running them on anything other than a DH bike though, unless you are a serious brake dragger, they are overkill. Learn to ride off the brakes a bit more imo.


    I think i explained in my post why i’m running them on my Pitch, they are spot on with smaller rotors but as i said i would’ve gone for the tech m4’s had i not have got the v2’s for a good price (£120 including mounts,floating rotors and spare pads – not a bad deal).


    Cheers guys…..I should have given more info at the start…

    I allready have my HT set up with an M4 up front a Mini at the rear, 203/183….I`ve allways ran Hope brakes cos i like them and they are (i think) the easiest to service 😛

    Im thinking of something else though and was toying with the M4 or V2....Not cos of weight, i dont find that an issue (as i`m only 65kg :P) but more with power on our techey decents. 😉



    i use v2’s every other brake i tried dont cut it for me. they feel awesome


    I love em’
    Got Moto v2’s on the front of both bikes, with 200 rotors.
    No fade, and don’t seem to heat too much.
    I’m 120 kg, and in the Alps I could stop with one finger on the lever.

    So, I reckon they are great. But, I’m not fussed too much about bike weight and other such nonsense.


    i had nothing but grief from my old minis, so binned them and got some hayes nines promising myself never to have any hope brakes again

    I have some Motos that came on my patriot, and while i wouldnt buy them (at over 200 quid an end iirc) they are MONSTEROUSLY good.
    perfect feel for me, more power than i know what to do with.

    and they make an awesome ticking noise as they cool down (as all two piece rotors do probably)

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