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  • Hope Mini pistons seized onto disc
  • Sorted. Bit of cooling requiring and job done. Now have to figure out why it’s been sticking.


    It’s probably either knackered seals on the pistons, or an accumulation of brake dust or the phenolic pistons crumbling (a la Avid Juicys) but the latter is unlikely.

    Decided to spring clean one of my bikes this afternoon only to take it for a spin and have the front pistons clamp on after a few metres. I remember this happening last year but don’t recall how I resolved it (temporarily it seems now).

    All I did to the brakes beforehand was scuff up the pads and stick some cleaner on the discs.

    Any ideas? Ta

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    Apparently some silicone lube on them (with no brake pads in) might help them become unstuck until you can do a proper job on them later?

    -So a guy from Hope told me!


    Dot brake fluid absorbs moisture over time, when they warm the fluid expands and locks the brake on, that’s probably why they were ok when they cooled down, a quick fix is to open the bleed nipple to let out the excess fluid but it’ll need a bleed to sort it out properly

    Bu88er, was hoping a bleed wasn’t necessary. Will check the seals etc.

    Cheers chaps

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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