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  • Hope F20, are they worth £80?
  • Can get some BNIB Hope F20’s for £80 through a friend.

    Are they worth it? Or are there better alternatives out there?


    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    No but they are lovely and beautifully made.

    I splashed out on a pair when Halfords were doing them for £84 a pair. They are almost as light as my Welgo mag 1’s but probably much stronger.

    Premier Icon clubby

    My mate rode his for the first time yesterday and didn’t think much of them. Lovely to look at and I’m sure they’ll last, but that’s no use if there isn’t much grip. He reckoned his £25 wellgos offered much more grip.


    Yes !,I’ve got some in my five and they’re mint !


    Someone mentioned on the Hope Tech Facebook page that the pedals weren’t as grippy as they’d liked.

    Hope replied to the post stating that they make slightly longer hollow pins.

    Use them on my Five with 5-Ten shoes… Fantastic combination IMO.

    Premier Icon bullroar

    I have DMR Vaults on one bike and F20 on another. The main difference for me is that the Vaults offer a wider platform rather than grip from pins. I happily ride with either but if I could only keep one pair it would be the Vaults.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    One of the comics- MBUK I think- did a review where Hope had supplied alternative pins to increase the grip- solid pins don’t grip as well on flat shoes like five tens (but seemed fine on my sombrios which have a much more textured sole). But they don’t seem to be available to the public yet, just to reviewers 😉

    They do feel very flat to me mind. Not sure if that’s actually a problem, it’s just a little odd when you’re used to concave pedals.

    Premier Icon roverpig

    I also have F20s on one bike and Vaults on another (with Five10 shoes). Unlike bullroar I’d probably plump for the Hopes if I just had to keep one. The Vaults do have more grip (which is probably down to the pins rather than the pedals themselves), but possibly a bit too much grip for my liking, which makes it hard to get your foot in the right position if you don’t get it right first time. The Hopes are a bit easier to adjust position on, but still seem to have just enough grip. I’d still like to try them with the “new” pins, if they ever get released, but I’m happy enough with them as they are.

    You can get Ti pins for them. Not sure if they are any longer?

    Retail is about £55.

    You can get them through your LBS with a Hope Account.

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