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  • Thought I would post this as it may save someone a lot of cash. I have Hope mono mini’s and wanted some goodridge hoses, so I brought just the hose £17 for front and back… now the full goodridge kit with fittings is about £65 for front & rear. CRC and a few others said I cannot use the hope fittings I already have and wanted another £50 for Goodridge fitting kits, Anyhow I popped the olive & insert out of the old hoses, peeled 11mm of the outter goodridge hose back, put fittings on then put the outer back over. Job done, not easy but £50 saved. No doubt the same principal for other makes but chances are you dont need to waste the extra £50. Shame such large companies dont have a clue


    Yep, Hope use the same hose as Goodridge, the only difference is in the fittings. You may have saved even more(but not a lot) buying Hope hose too.


    Dude, all you need is a new olive. Have a hunt round on the Hope website, they have a part number and I think either CRC or UKbikestore sell them.

    I recently refitted my old style hope minis with goodridge hoses and have a lot of surplus hose from the front left over. Ebay beckons….

    am p*ssed and misread what you were saying! yes, all you need is a new olive. hiccup. skews me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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