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  • superfli

    After watching the 1st part of 3 online vids, i decided not to bother and sent mine to tft. Quick turnaround.


    Well if you havent done it before it will take twice as long as you think. You also wont have any replacement ‘O’ rings for when you break one, realise one is suspect etc.

    Send it to TF, cheap and easy and quick.

    Ive taken mine apart to see how it worked – but sent it to TF for a service as its simpler in the long run and they have the parts I didnt.

    You will need some new keys if its worn and ‘O’ rings, not just oil.

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    I’m just about to embark on this, having ordered a new top cap assembly to – hopefully – cure some fore-aft play. Will post again when I’ve done it.


    Send it to TF, cheap and easy and quick

    Cheap it is not!! £86 + £8 postage there. Thats not cheap

    Need to get my reverb post serviced fairly ASAP. Thought I’d give Loco tuning a try but he seems to be a touch busy as the date he’s given me is 10th June!
    How difficult is it to do a home service as I’ve done RS forks before. What controls the fore/aft movement too? Is it a bushing or the same keyway that controls the side to side? Think mine is getting a minor amount of play…


    I need to do mine. I take it the £40 serice kit includes key or wotnot do reduce the play?

    4 utube vids on PB by the looks of it. Good info (as always) on Pinkbike-



    It really depends how much of a service you mean to give it.
    They’re similar to shocks, in that they have the outer chamber with bushes, seals and the keys to stop the post rotating which is fairly basic (although you really need shaft clamps to remove the air cap without possibly damaging the shaft) (basic service kit RRP £6.99)
    A Full service involves going inside the post oil system (separate to the hose and lever system) and replacing seals oil etc and resetting IFP heights, which needs a few specific tools to do it right. (full service kit RRP £43.99)
    Sorry we can’t do your post any quicker btw dirtrider but it is a very busy time of year and we don’t want to take any shortcuts on any units just to fit a few more units in per week, leadtimes should be reduceing soon as it quietens down a bit and we get a few more staff onboard and trained up.


    😛 @ ‘shaft clamps’


    FNAR! 😯


    £43 kit does rotational play as it includes the keys.

    For and aft movement is normally the bushing in top cap. New caps £40 in uk or £24 from bike-discount.

    Tools are avialble from BIke-discount too!

    I made a tool for setting the IFP height which works a treat.


    Actually the basic kit doesn’t have the keys in! 😳 Just checked, however have loads of each size spare from service kits as several different sizes so can include with basic kits if needed.

    There is a bush for the inner seal head in the basic and full kit to which will address fore and aft play to a certain extent, however if it’s really bad a top cap wiper assm. is availble from us at £27.50 (rrp £39.99) As are all tools, however it’ll get a bit pricey for something you may only service 2 or 3 times fully.

    Depends what you want to do with it. Mine was feeling really gritty so I thought it could use a clean out, but there was no excess play/wobble etc. So I just took it apart a bit, cleaned the gunk out and stuck a bit more grease in there – pretty easy following SRAM’s instructions (the shaft clamp was a real faff without the right tool though). Replacing the seals for the pressurised bit of the post would be more involved.

    Don’t SRAM UK / Fisher’s have a decent servicing service. I though it was £25 for a full service via your local shop?

    EDIT: Loco. Supposing we were massively vain and had one of the older Reverbs with the silver collar on – Could we replace with the black collar? Does it fit? I like the all-black look 😳

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