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  • Anchovy mashed with butter and spread on toast – delish!

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    how do you use the anchovies buzz? Just slather in glue and stuff in the hole with the screwdriver? Do you leave tails hanging out?

    As I didn’t have any, I just cut up some old inner tube and popped them in my tool bag with some rubber glue and a tiny screwdriver. Worked a treat at bike park Wales yesterday when a rock slashed the carcass.

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    I leave the tails for the rest of the ride, to allow the glue to cure.

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    I think ‘Buzz’ needs to write this up with some photo’s etc… to fully demonstrate how clever he is 8)

    I’m being serious as this sounds like a useful tip.


    I’ve never managed to get anchovies to seal – wonder if it’s the stans’ not allowing the glue to adhere? Or are they supposed to be used with full-on UST (sealant-free) setups only?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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