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  • Home insurance bike in detached garage + IT kit in shed
  • Premier Icon boombang
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    I’ve searched on here and google but can’t find the latest insurance thread, just a few people having issues with outbuildings cover.

    Bikes are in an attached garage but no door from home, so it appears that is classed as detached.

    Currently would be £3k to replace the cheapest bike with equivalent, total replacement value would be maybe £8k, total value more like £4k.

    Shed has some IT kit in for home working, some is my works, replacement maybe £600-1k.

    We also would itemise wife’s engagement ring including away from home.

    Previously paid under £400 for all of above but I note now nothing outside would have been covered.

    Any pointers on good reliable insurers, not necessarily the cheapest?

    Premier Icon airvent
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    I think most insurers would require it to be at least alarmed. The previous owner of this house kept his mtb in the garden shed and that’s just a tough padlock with a battery powered volumetric alarm and he said they insured his bike in there.

    Premier Icon salsa
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    Try NFU, they will customise a policy for you, which we have, again because of outbuildings and bikes. Not cheap but peace of mind, all covered away from home as well, including accidental damage

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
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    No problems with bikes specified in detached garage with Aviva or Esure.

    I’d not leave much IT equipment in a shed though

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    I need to recheck my AA policy. I have additional bike cover on there but I’ve seen it mentioned that although they are covered ‘out and about’, the insured value drops when they enter your garage/outbuilding.

    So by that thinking, they’d actually be insured to a higher value locked in the garage of my campervan…

    Premier Icon dogbone
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    Aviva Plus.

    New for old and full value of house contents also covers garage. They now ask that bikes are locked and that I have an alarm (I do) following last years claim (3 bikes = £11k).

    Premier Icon boombang
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    Any experience with Halifax?

    Adding specific bikes hardly upped the premium. Their criteria appears to be securely locked in open or in a locked outbuilding – and includes taking abroad so would give cover in Spain which is useful.

    Aviva Plus now seems to be called Aviva Premium and ‘pedal cycles’ cover (£115) means they need to be securely locked or in a locked building (building being defined as the home, so assume garage is not a building).

    I’ll try NFU when get a chance.

    Premier Icon dirtyboy
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    Could you not add a poe turret camera and a poe switch/Dvr to the IT kit so you have a CCTV system to cover the shed.

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