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  • On my commute home, Ireleth, come of a fast false flat, 90 degree right hander that goes into a drag and just gets steeper and steeper Strava reckons it’s only 12-13% but I reckon it’s nearer 20% at the top. Not long, less than a km, but a right little basket.

    Always the last hill of my local loop for me. Tiny little thing between Embsay and Skipton, but I’m often a bit goosed when I hit it, plus you get the extra fun of having to concentrate to avoid idiot drivers overtaking on the blind bends at the top.

    That and the hill up towards Broughton Forest from Torver. Oh, and the tarmac bit leading up from Reeth towards Fremington Edge which you’re never quite warmed up for. Actually, there’s quite a few I hate, all of them on tarmac, weirdly enough.


    it’s not the steepest I dislike but that gradient that doesn’t quite fit your cadence and gear, your thinking you could power up it but you end up losing all momentum legs run out of steam before the top and your out of the saddle wobbling up a pitiful gradient and you feel all pathetic 🙂

    Hopton Woods, love the place and ride it loads but there’s a bastard of a climb there that goes on forever.

    Hummer lane, it keeps giving, eh?


    The barely a climb out of culter. It really isn’t a climb it’s about 10m total height gain but I hate it.

    Mainly because it’s the only 0.5mile of fast a road on my commute. The other 2 miles of road on my 15 mile commute are dead end country lane.

    Rob Hilton


    Not really, he’s lovely 🙂


    All the ones that go up, I just don’t have the fitness or stamina for climbing at the moment

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Bringewood. The first section of tarmac climb from the bottom. It’s a total raas claart bloodclot!

    Knackers you for the rest then.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    The first half of hamburger hill at Gisburn. Not steep, not technical, but takes just enough out of you that you start the 2nd half, which is steeper and more/bigger/looser rocks, knackered.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    On Cannock Chase there’s a tiny gradient from the Stepping Stones at Sherbrook Valley up to the top of the railway cutting at Milford. This always gets me down and I’d always rather turn left instead and ride up the really steep and long climb (The Bitch) to Bocton Coppice which misses it out.
    Although the gradient is nothing at all, it’s always been the very last bit of the ride, the one you tackle when the tank’s empty. It now has the same effect as a dementor, due to the fact that I’ve been ending my rides there since I was about 10.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Jacobs Ladder. It should go, but my lungs do first. Then legs. And… Pop!


    Locally ..it’s Stairway To Heaven on the Lonesome Pine Trail at Kielder..it’s a bitch .
    Never ever cleaned Pass Peth from Shillmoor to Alwinton in The Cheviots either ( and probably never will unless its on an ebike!)
    Edit: Also lets not forget the climb up Whitewater Dash on the other side of Skiddaw ..


    any hill going up


    the climb from LUccombe over Stoke Pero common.
    a complete cow bag.
    done it twice, once on a audax, once on a mtb.


    The kirkgate up to the Pentland. Only a km at 10 % but it’s dead straight, consistent gradient, and seems far longer.

    Coupled with the fact I use to use it as a gauge of my fitness I always break myself going up it. I remember back in the day i was top 10 on strava in a time of 3.40 ish.now I’m about 50th and some dude has done it in slightly over 2 min..which is simply depressing.

    Always the last hill of my local loop for me. Tiny little thing

    Yep. This. It’s often slippery with wet leaf mould, it’s short, steep and the son of a bachelor!

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    The Fachwen was horrible until Dinorwic Lodge opened.
    Now, I quite look forward to it.

    Shoebroad lane in Tod – an utter, utter bastard of a climb.

    But the very worst is the climb up to Heptonstall then through Slack and Blackshaw Head back over to Burnley after a long day. It’s grim and never ending. I hate it with a passion rare in one so plump.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Holme moss from Holmfirth is a trifle quarrelsome – wouldn’t say I hate it but it has that in-between gradient. It’s not a monster pitch where all you can do is sit in, but it’s not an easy up where you can just spin and admire the scenery, you’ll always feel it. Throw a dig in and you’ll properly be feeling it.

    That one out of Birch Vale (think it’s up Morland Road) is a touch irksome. Feels like it goes on forever when you finally get to the top across the moors.

    Premier Icon smokey_jo

    The one I live at the top of, makes every ride from home end in a sweaty mess

    Fremington Edge. I think Iv’e cleaned it once, many years ago & every time you ride it it’s changed from the last time.
    But the list is endless!

    Premier Icon Painey

    Way down south but Plumpton Bostall that takes you up onto the South Downs Way.

    Premier Icon swavis

    The climb up to Carn Ban Mor is always a bit nippy


    i have entered a bit of a climb challenge this year.
    50 climbs all over the UK.
    some proper horrible ones on the list.
    making a start on sunday around calderdale.


    High Hill lane in Settle, its pretty steep and is about 60 miles in to my ride so i am tired and assumed this is the reason why i hate it. I tried it fresh and hated it even more. Its a stupid hill, with stupid steep section,stupid tarmac,stupid cobbles,stupid walls and every single person riding it is faster than me and that is just illogically stupid.

    If I was asked this question over two years ago, my answer would be very different, but now… I love them!

    Bring on the short but steep Dell Rd; Speltham Hill; Lynch Lane; Bitterne 13.5%.

    Bring on the final ~0.5 miles up Harvesting Lane.

    Bring on the Bell Hill cat3s just north of Petersfield; full Old Winchester Hill; climbing to Butser Hill summit from the Butser Ancient Farm.

    Etc. Etc.

    Currently turbo training to further improve my estimated FTP before hopefully tackling my first cat2 hill this year, Bwlch Y Groes. 😈

    Premier Icon Super Scale 20

    To date not found one I liked.

    Premier Icon tomd

    Ingleby Incline, North York Moors.

    Only 200m ish ascent but it’s an old railway bed for the mines so totally straight, relentless gradient on slippy gravel. Awful. Feels much worse than big 300-400m climbs in the Lakes or Scotland due to the constant pedalling force required.

    Yellow brick road (Dewsbury golf/ mirfield woods) 88 metres in 500 metres.
    Definately rideable if it’s not too wet, keep on riding it, doesn’t seem any easier.

    A lot of tough tarmac hill climbs on a mtb tend to be a doddle on a drop handle so I always aim to stay positive

    Premier Icon ta11pau1

    This one. https://www.strava.com/segments/2786841

    It climbs 200ft in about 0.2 of a mile once you leave the tarmac, and it just gets steeper and steeper, at the top it’s 25% at least. AND the surface is dirt combined with millions of flint rocks/pebbles, so there’s very little traction.

    Same segment but the top section https://www.strava.com/segments/4269143

    Premier Icon Alex

    Malvern Hills. Basically everywhere. Climb from the reservoir mentioned in dispatches. 3 minutes of banging off your max HR.

    Leg-Burner- Nant-y-Arin. After the joy of the previous descent. Goes on for ever. Then a bit more.

    FoD/Staunton – ‘the bitch’. 20 mins of climbing. Not super steep but start of the day and always feels way harder than to should be

    And a climb I did with Ash from the Trans-Provence to leave France and head to Italy. 930m of ascent in one go. All off-road. Apparently it’s all rideable. Just not by me 🙂

    Premier Icon llama

    The one I live on +1

    I can avoid all the others

    Anything on grass.

    Premier Icon scaled

    Saddleworth road (westbound) only done it once. I’m still getting over the trauma frankly. 4 pints of Stella and a Christmas buffet lunch didn’t really equip me for the headwind and my lights running out of battery.

    Still, character building and all that.

    The SDW climb out of Amberly going East. Always a long push.
    Harvesting Lane hurts quite alot
    Bitch of a climb i think in East Worldham , its a steep straight road but hard

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    I live up a hill.

    I hate it when I’m returning from any decent ride.

    Yet it’s nothing serious and I can whip up it on my SS road bike when fresh.

    End to enders may know it – the climb out of Dingwall to Evanton. (BTW there’s now a cafe at the very top 🙂 )

    Premier Icon chickenman

    The 2,300ft of portage up Ben Macdui from Glen Lui!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    There’s no big hills I hate tbh, I understand a big hill. the hill I hate most is the one that goes up to the bench at the bottom of the spooky wood climb at glentress. No it’s not steep. No it’s not long. But it’s inexplicably just fractionally more unpleasant than it should be. Not unpleasant enough to get stuck into or any satisfaction from, it’s unpleasant like a mild burning feeling shortly after urinating. And I despise it.

    Ooh-ooh got a good one, the last 500m of fireroad at the top of whinlatter north loop. Just finish already!

    It is just the draggy, bit harder than they should be but you want them out of the way quickly ones that really niggle I reckon

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