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  • Premier Icon NZCol

    NZ has finally limped into the digital age with Spotify. Which is nice. Acknowledging the limited 320kbs rate will sound not brilliant but I want to stream it through my Naim Uniti.

    My setup is pretty simple. Uniti hard cabled into switch via patch panel, NAS with music library and internet access via that as well. I had a quick look at solutions and there are a few hokey ways to do it. I wondered about being able to stream from my iPad so came up with
    1) Get an Apple TV, optical to Uniti, join wireless network – can stream SPotify that way
    2) Get an Airport, connect via optical to Uniti – inconclusive if I can stream Spotify that way ???
    3) Do some of the iRadio bodges on the Naim forum to get Spotify to stream via my iMac (which is on more than off) as a radion channel in iRadio on the LAN.
    I have two subnets but for routing purposes is is flat.

    Premier Icon stufield

    both your mac and iPad can stream spottily to an airport or apple tv, you can use the optical output on either to connect to your unity.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    any cheap android phone will stream it HQ over Wifi – HTC Wildfire or something. Assume you are going for premium to avoid the ads.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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