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  • Help with a bodge.
  • andrewh

    How eak is drilling it going to makeit? Is it strong enough to take that?
    If not could you have made with more material where the bottle with the red lid is in the pic to beef that area up a bit?

    Premier Icon bruneep

    I have this set up on my Nicolai BB for the ISCG 05 tabs

    I was hoping to fit a Hammerschmidt crank set to it however when I fit the backing plate it doesn’t clear the adapter.

    I would need to remove the penciled in area for the plate to fit..

    I have since found this on Nicolai site

    Almost all NICOLAI frames are available with adapters to mount Shift guides, Chain guards, or Hammerschmidt® internal gear cranks. For models where chain-guards are mandatory or where the use of Hammerschmidt® cranks makes sense we offer mounting adapters as a surcharge-free option. We offer 3 different kinds of adapters. The ISCG 03 and 05 type is fixed with a bolt between a weld-on part at the frame and the chain-guard. The slotted holes enable further positioning as the adjustability of chain-guards is often limited. The ISCG adapters are not compatible with Hammerschmidt. We offer a special weld-on adapter to mount the Hammerschmidt directly onto the frame. This weld-on Hammerschmidt adapter on the other hand is ISCG 03 compatible and can be used for chain-guards.

    So any ideas for a work around?


    ISCG hammerschmidt mount on a Nicolai looks like this
    Had this on my Old AC,the bb shell and the face of the mounts need to be perfectly faced.

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    Update and thanks to Swavis from here, I’m now sorted. ­čśÇ

    He made me this mount

    It did required a bit of fettling from this

    Fitted to the frame

    Many thanks Swavis


    Applauds STW and Stavis in particular

    Premier Icon Drac

    Isn’t this forum great nice work chaps.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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