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  • Help me choose a new fork for my 5 Spot please
  • Rock Shox Pikes or Sektors are cheap and work well.


    If you like the coil fork I’d stick to a coil fork.

    What about the new vanillas? You should be able to get the 2011 model in the sale.

    You might already know this! but the newer forks have a 15mm axle, so presume you’ve got qr.

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    I have a Horst link 5 spot from back in the day, blud ya get me? It is a lovely bike and I love it. As i’ve got more confident of launching myself off stuff, I have begun to question the limitations of my standard 130mm vanillas… also from about 6 years ago.

    I am keen (if the jedi council of STW agree) to put 140mm up front and was wondering how to make this decision? I have only ever used these vanillas or substantially less travel, so I’ve no idea on the pros and cons of the different brandsetc. I do know that i love the simplicity of the vanillas, and am not keen on giving myself a million buttons and dials to ultimately get into the wrong configuration.

    Any thoughts much appreciated (including offers of sale of recommended kit).


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    Ah ha… the quick release issue! Yes I have a standard QR. Do you reckon the larger ones make a worthwhile difference?

    Is this a big expense? Do you have to buy a new wheel?


    I used to run 2004 Z1 Freerides on my HL Spot – they were wonderful, get a pair of them.

    Sorry, that’s not exactly updating it though, is it?

    You can buy Rock Shox Sketors with a QR axle. You may be able to convert your hub to 15/20mm though. What is it?


    i’ve a set of Fox Vanilla 140mm RCL for sale if your interested drop me a line. They’re very good condition, unmarked uppers, qr, long steerer, post mount etc. I used them on my 5 spot and loved the coil feel (much better than the current pikes)

    tops 5

    140mm Floats worked great on my 5 spot

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    I ran 140mm vanillas on my 2004 HL 5 spot, they worked very well with the bike, very well indeed.

    Dang I miss that bike so much 🙁

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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