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  • flaps

    Tried the On-One Enduro one on today, that looked huge too!!!
    The search continues…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I have a Fox Striker. It’s discontinued now but there’s still a few around. I really like it- the back coverage isn’t quite as good as some but it’s a good weight, not too bulky, all-day comfy, well vented. The pads can wear fast, but Fox send out replacements for free on request so that’s no biggy. Kind of annoyed that they axed it tbh, I’d buy another like a shot

    Also got a bushwhacker which would be fantastic except it interferes with pretty much every pair of glasses and sunglasses I own and stops them sitting right. Annoying.


    A white Scott one because I forgot to take mine the the mtb marathon thing (tbf they forgot to bring any semblance of a hill so I’m calling it a draw).
    I don’t like white anything.
    I have a black paint pen…..it’s considerably less white now.

    Premier Icon flashinthepan

    I bought a 7 iDP last year, the blue one – it matches my eyes 😀

    Very happy with it

    Premier Icon moose

    Fox Carbon Pro for DH shenanigans, Fox Metah for all others.


    The Urge Serial isnt too shabby for a price point lid. Light, comfy, the pads are removable for washing although quite thin.
    The colours are limited if you’re worried about that sort of thing

    Premier Icon nickc

    I thought I better go for the next size up to play safe. It will be going back Not sure if I should try the size down or just get a refund.

    I’ve a S/XS TLD A1 and it fits really well, stupidly hot though, which means that despite it being the best fitting helmet I’ve probably ever used, I won’t buy another.

    Premier Icon Denis99

    Smith Forefront , on my second one now. Crashed with the first one and it did its job in protecting my head.

    Well ventilated, good design, fits goggles easily for wet weather riding.

    POC Trabec Race here, first time on felt awful but now feels great, only problem is it’s a bit mushroom looking on the head, end up looking a bit like toad from Mario…..

    Had a 661 Recon before that which was ok once I got used to the wrap around feel, and a Fox Flux before that which didn’t last too long… had a meeting with the floor…


    Catlike Leaf


    Premier Icon orangespyderman

    I’ve a S/XS TLD A1 and it fits really well, stupidly hot though, which means that despite it being the best fitting helmet I’ve probably ever used, I won’t buy another.

    I have a TLD A1 and it’s a wonderfully comfortable thing. I have a big head (63cm, mostly front to back, so a looooong head) and helmet choice is limited.

    The A1 is unusable in summer, though. It’s just far, far too hot. Even a warm spring day has me hot and sweaty under the lid. The A2 says it’s better, but I’m not sure it’s better enough to warrant the cash. Not sure I’d have another. Have a Giro Hex for commuting, and that gets used on the MTB on warmer days.

    Same as RedThunder, a Catlike Leaf. Extremely comfy.


    Premier Icon johnhe

    Submerge your old lid in water and fairy liquid. Swish it around a bit and then dry it out. That should help with the smell.

    But if you want a new one, I like the Flux.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Kask Mojito.

    Excellent fit, great retention system and better build quality than anything else I could find.

    My word, it’s ugly though.

    Not mad on peaks so gets used for everything.

    Did I mention how ugly it is?


    Like OP, I have just under 58cm pin head! Just recently tried a TLD a1 and a2! Looked huge on my head! The small didn’t quite fit and my head touched the inside of the shell! Not great same with the fox Metah!

    Giro Montaro in a Medium looked perfect and felt a great fit! That will be my next helmet! But is probably slightly over budget!

    Premier Icon iainc

    ^^^ would be perfect if the delaminating pads have been definitely sorted……..


    IXS Trail – stupidly comfy, super light. Best lid I’ve ever had. And can be had for buttons now. I appear to have an odd shaped head as the various Giros, METs, and a few others I tried just didn’t fit right.

    Again, however, the TLD A1 was so, so comfy, I’d have had it in a heartbeat but everything I read about them echoes the thoughts on this thread – the hottest helmet ever made. So I struck it off the list. The Trail RS is really cool in summer. I’m tempted to buy another while they’re cheap for when this one expires/meets something hard.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Just in case the OP hasn’t sorted his stinky helmet out yet – Ribble have 20% off helmets at the mo. HELMET20 code.

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