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  • MoseyMTB

    I’ve tried on several helmets I like but I’ve got a quick question regarding fit.

    I tried a giro feature and a bell super and both had great fit around my head, however neither touched/sat on top of my head.

    I’ve always had giro before but I really want one of the better coverage AM helmets.

    So, my question is should the helmet sit on top of my head? The circumference fit is perfect but the top of my head doesn’t touch the upper padding.

    Sounds like a daft question but I don’t know what to expect from these helmets fit wise.


    IMO yes.

    I’d go for a better fit over 1/2″ of coverage at the back.


    Cheers cynic-al

    Does anyone have a Bell Super or an ISX trail? How does it sit on your head? Does the top of your head sit against the helmet?


    If you want good coverage try troy lee a1, as once you do you won’t want any others. Never felt such a good fit, it’s amazing…bit expensive though.


    The best fit I’ve tried is the IXS but like I say the circumference is perfect but it doesn’t contact my skull on top.

    Although saying that I don’t think any helmet I’ve had has. I’ve a low forehead if that makes sense.


    I’ve got a Bell Super … my head does go to the top so fits nice and snug. Used to have a Giro Xen, also a great fit.
    I like the Bell coverage but I did find my jacket collar hit the bottom of the helmet at the back which was a bit irritating … This was climbing the new trail at Cwmcarn so after a short while I was so knackered I didn’t notice!
    I do have a short neck though.

    Did you loosen the adjuster at the back to let it down then tighten it up so it grips well?


    Just read the ISX has height adjust but I didn’t spot this today, the only adjustment was the retention wheel.

    Maybe I missed it.


    Been in the market for a new lid myself over the last few weeks.

    I’ve had an Urge EndurOmatic for a few years now which has been great but it’s always been a bit loose cus I have to have the L/XL size. Not cus I’ve got a big head, just because of the size ranges they do (all 2 of them !) I even find it lifts a bit in the wind. Anyway it’s battered and sticky and so I’ve been shopping round.

    TBH I haven’t found anything that’s as comfortable as the Urge helmets but I’m not prepared to live with the loose fit and the hot head anymore.

    I tried the Bell Super but I just didn’t find it comfortable. I think it’s another one where I’ve tried the medium and it’s slightly too small but the large is too big really so I end up over tightening the ratchet system and look like I’ve got a bulbous mushroom on my head.

    Recently got the new Bluegrass Goldeneye. In a medium it seems to fit ok (a first). Only need to tighten the ratchet 3 clicks and it’s all snug and doesn’t sit too high and there’s no movement in it at all. Head touches the top, and I’m liking the gel strip on the fore head (gets more comfortable the longer you leave it on) and there’s loads of ventilation between the gel and the ratchet system frame and the helmet itself. I was still in two minds between this and another Urge and then I discovered that the goggle strap clip on the back is perfect for clipping on my Glow Worm helmet light battery…. Bonus ! If I’m honest the build quality is not as good (but not far off) the Bell but the Bluegrass seems more comfortable, looks better and is more functional (but not in the way it was designed to be).

    Anyone else compared the Bluegrass and Super ? Just being nosey !


    Been back to have another look at the Super so I can compare the two lids and to check and see how convinced I am over the Bluegrass.

    The two helmets look very similar in terms of overall style and coverage but fit very differently.

    The Super is a, sits direct on your head bucket style helmet similar to the Urge, with the bonus of a ratchet system at the back for added security. As a result it has lots of foam padding inside and feels very snug and more importantly warm.

    The Bluegrass is the more traditional, away from your head bucket style helmet with an internal gel lined frame around it’s perimeter that’s pulled in by the ratchet system at the back. As a result it needs less padding but is slightly less comfortable but is noticeably less warm with loads of air circulating round the frame the bucket and yer bonce.

    So to summarize the Super feels more comfortable but it is less secure on your head resulting in a bit of movement (but not as much as with my old Urge because that doesn’t have any ratchet system at all), whereas the Bluegrass is less comfortable but feels a lot more secure, no movement at all. The Super will definitely be a hotter pot than the Bluegrass and those pads will need washing a lot to keep the stink out(speaking from experience with the Urge). The Super feels like it’s built a bit better but the goggle clip at the back of the Bluegrass will have some good uses. If you’re into it (I’m not) the Bluegrass Gopro mount is miles better than the Super. The Super uses velcro to secure the dongle whereas the Bluegrass dongle screws together 2 pieces inside and out. Finally, the look of the Bluegrass will not be to everyones taste where as the Super is very safe. I like the black and green of the Bluegrass but the yellow will make you look like the Transformer Bumble Bee ! For me, if you can live with a little less comfort, the Bluegrass just about edges it, but only by a slight margin (and I may live to regret it).

    Here endeth the review…..


    I’ve just bought a Goldeneye- tbh I wanted the grey/blue but its out of stock on medium so plumped for the black/green. It does look abit ‘Octopus’ but and fashion-bikery though.

    any longterm reports??


    I had the ixs trail which was a good fit for me but didn’t like how low the visor was so I bought a troylee A1 half price on crc and it’s a much better fit .

    Premier Icon fionap

    I was looking at these types of helmets recently but found the Poc Trabec had the best fit for my head shape. Got one from CRC, last year’s model so half-price. It’s also amazingly light for the coverage and really well vented, at least when I’m moving.

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