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  • Denno17

    Mulling about what camera to treat myself too. Gopro 960 is looking tempting but then I read a small review on the muvi hd10. Anybody got one or had an experience with one? If so your thoughts please.


    There have been a load of threads about this over the years.

    The general consensus seems to be a GoPro with the chest mount, although whether or not to spring the extra and go for the 1080p version is debatable.

    I went for a Contour though, purely because it is a little more discrete. If I can sneak a purchase past my wife, I’ll buy a GoPro for kayaking.


    I’ve got a Muvi VCC003 which is the smaller less high tec version of what you are looking at. Build quality, operation and accesories are really good and if you shop around good value for money.

    My muvi came with 2GB memory card which is fills up rapidly, 8GB gives about two hours filming but that is the maximum memory the camera can deal with, if the hd10 can handle more that would be good.

    Helmet mount, handlebar mount, car mount etc are all available, good quality and work well. Underwater kit looks good but I’ve not tested it yet.

    From the tiny lens this is never going to win an Oscar for cinematography but for the cost I’m impressed.

    I have used windows movie maker for editing, the camera is recognised as an external hard drive and you import avi files, fairly straight forward.

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    All the leading cameras are good quality now but the Gopro still wins for pushbike use because of its superior packaging/mounting.


    There’s another option, not sure if it’s new – has a screen built in.


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    Just bought a Go Pro Hero 2, exceptional picture quality and some very good standard camera features but remember, the better the quality video (i.e up to 1080p) the more processing power required to edit the final cut. You may find that you will have to also buy a new PC to to do all this!

    I have the Gopro 960 on a chesty. It’s faired well so far, but I would like the higher resolution of it’s younger sibling for full screen clarity.

    The chest mount works so well for riding, it’s manageable on the noggin but makes you feel like a bobblehead. Breast is best 😉

    The bacpacs only fit certain models, I think the 1080 and the Gopro 2.

    I’d like to add that it’s survived a superman OTB bail, the little connector between the chest plate and clear box snapped but it comes with a few spares. The mount and case were completely fine 😀 (as was I after wincing, rocking and being winded from the robo-punch to the solar plexus).

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