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    You may well have a leak, somwhere underground,trace the route of the supply pipe from the boiler tothe tank, look for dark patches of ground and or a smell.


    Leak or its been pinched. Are you checking the tank regularly for sudden drops?

    9 rads
    Boiler temp – 68
    4-5 hours at weekends, 1-3 hours weekdays.
    Approx 600 litres a year

    Ps. The log burner helps

    A mate used to use around 2000 litres a year, but that was in a huge 5 bedroom bungalow and there heating was at 25 degrees 24/7 365 days a year. He has moved now.


    I have a varible temp timer

    I have it set to maintain 14 all the time in winter – rarely comes on and 19 for 2 hour in the morning through winter for before we get up.

    Right now heatings off

    8 rads – 3bed house


    We used 500 litres a year in all the oil fired houses we have had

    We used the stoves and eco fan +open coal fire in office to heat the house when we are in though.

    Could have paid a fortune to get gas installed last year but just stayed oil as its not stupid expensive amd lets me monitor costs as oppose to getting stung + easy to repair my self 🙂


    If it is being nicked check for obvious tampering with valves or connections also look around tank for a small nut or bolt sticking out, someone drills a hole and inserts nut and bolt, and then late at night or when quiet removes bolt slightly and oil runs out in a container, then nut done up again stopping flow. or just by syphoning fuel from top lid or vent pipe.

    rob jackson

    Looks like the boiler uses 2-2.5L per hour, its on on average for 4hrs per day
    Rayburn uses 2.5L per day so total usage of 12.5L per day!!

    12.5 x £0.65 = £7.80 per **** day!


    Oooooft rayburns – look nice but holy jebus they cost.

    rob jackson

    If you have oil fired central heating can you please tell me:
    what temp your boiler is set at
    how many radiators you have
    how long on per day
    how many liters used per month

    cheers – a very **** off rob who is currently using nigh on 200L per month some how!

    b r

    Ok, firstly you say boiler and then tell us you’ve a boiler and range…

    Are you sure that the Rayburn only uses 2.5l per day, as in winter our Redfyre consumes about 10-12l per day – dropping to 3-4l in summer.

    In balance we’ve only the Redfyre and a wood burner covering a large open plan ex-mill.

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