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    I’m pretty sure there’s a bus service direct to Windsor

    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    Quickest way would be by taxi.
    Avoid the insanely overpriced black cabs and call Green Tomato Cars. They’re pretty cheap and reliable, they should be able to get you to Windsor in about 15 minutes. If you call them first they’ll quote you a price before you book.

    Premier Icon Moe

    What is the quickest most cost effective way for someone flying in from South America (T5) to get to Windsor.

    The trainline says 1hr+ ….. ****! I could run it faster than that (not with luggage, granted! but c’mon!). Why oh why has everything got to go to the center of the city before getting out?!

    sorry posted from overview and did’t notice the choose section box 🙁

    Premier Icon Moe

    Excellent thanks!

    My daughter lands at 6.15 and wants to be in Yeovil for ten!!!! So if everyone would mind awfully, can you stay off the A303 on the morning of the 17th Aug?




    Windsor is outside the TfL zone and cabbies can charge anything by agreement. Come out of T5 and head across to the buses. The 77 is a blue bus. Unfortunately it stops at Slough bus station for an age, but it is cheap.

    The fastest way is to book a cab from Windsor. The train is a pain as it is heathrow to Hayes. Hayes to Slough. Slough to Windsor.

    Oh and I cycle Windsor to T5 and then Uxbridge to work daily.

    How is she getting from Windsor to Yeovil?

    Premier Icon Moe

    Her sister is driving but she’s a bit freaked about the idea of going into Heathrow. She knows Windsor so thought that would be a good compromise.

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    I’d rather drive into T5 than Windsor. So much easier than battling through that town in the summer.

    It’s pretty well set out in terms of where to go tbh.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Hi Driving to T5 is so easy. Straight off the M25. Do what the taxi drivers and arrange to pick up at departures or park in the short stay.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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