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  • Premier Icon wallop

    To me, alpen is bad for you.

    Eat some scrambled eggs.

    ron jeremy

    Whey protein mixed with skimmed milk/water a scoop of oats frozen banana spoon of peanut butter and some cinnamon

    That’s what I’ve just had anyway


    Bloody mary.

    Unsalted peanut butter on toast and a banana. Okay its quite fatty but its high in protein so it feels like you actually ate something.


    Egg. Omelettes are pretty good as long as you use a small amount of oil.

    Most wrong with bacon occasionally. I sometimes have a bacon butty as a brunch around 10:30 /11:00 and it easily sees me throug to tea time, and the calories in a bacon butty are less than a typical breakfast plus lunch.

    When I’m on a health kick then fruit with fat free yoghurt over the top. Can’t do that every day, but a couple of times a week.n other than that, what’s wrong with Weetabix with skimmed milk?


    Can’t stand milk /yoghurt so I’ve tried Alpen with a tiny amount just to wet it but its like eating cold sticky gravel.

    Make your own and tailor it to your own tastes.

    Buy a pack of porridge oats (the bigger the oats look in the pack the better), pre-heat the oven to around 180c (fan assisted). Spread the oats out onto a metal tray and toast(not grill but oven) them for around 8-10minutes. You can do this all in batches so it’s as quick to serve as an out if the box cereal in the mornings.

    Then add whatever selection of nuts and dried fruits you feel like. Then serve with milk or yoghurt, be wary of yoghurts. Some of the diet varieties and especially the flavoured varieties are rammed full of sugar. You’ve already added sugar with the dried fruit, no need to add more. I almost always go with milk. You can use water however, I don’t mind it. It’s what I use when out wid camping.

    When serving feel free to add fresh fruit. Blueberries, sliced banana, sliced apple, whatever you have and takes your fancy really. It might help to counteract the milky frogspawn effect your achieving.

    Either that, or scrambled eggs on toast.

    Jordan’s nutty muesli. Add milk (full fat is sweeter) and leave it for 45 mins.

    Leaving it to soak helps the digestion (apparently) and I find it keeps me sorted till lunch. Leaving it to soak is the important bit.


    Nothing wrong with a bacon sarnie – grill it, add a couple of slices of tomato & use thick wholemeal bread. Nice balanced breakfast.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    I’m a bit like a broken record, but try dorest cereals. Try the spelt wheat one first, it’s nothing like ‘other’ mueslis.

    However, only reasonable bowl size; muesli is quite high in calories (good though in this case).

    Fully skimmed milk (you get used to it).

    ..and echo the bacon roll thing, it’s just not particularly nutritious and bread intake should be cut down where you can.


    So I’m going to try and restart the weightloss / fitness kick over the winter.

    Here’s the problem though, I hate most breakfast things that aren’t bad for me. I know I need something to kick start the day especially if I’m going to be commuting to work (25miles each way).

    Can’t stand milk /yoghurt so I’ve tried Alpen with a tiny amount just to wet it but its like eating cold sticky gravel.

    Hate porridge, feels like frog spawn in my mouth.

    Every other option seems to be full of sugar or is a bacon roll (which I REALLY like)



    Poached eggs on brown toast.. I used to start the day with a cereal or some other sugar filled alternative and was getting a big sugar crash about 2-3hrs after.. now dont have that problem and still feel full. 🙂

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Breakfast is the most important meal od the day!

    That’s not health advice, it’s a tag line by Kellogg’s.

    You don’t have to have breakfast.

    Bacon eggs tomato and mushrooms. Fry in olive oil. No bread. Yum.

    I am losing weight with this breakfast.


    call me old fashioned, but whatever happened to the humble grapefruit..?

    Premier Icon Holmesey

    homemade porridge +1. Jumbo oats mitigate the frogspawn effect and chuck in all manner of extras on a random/rotating basis for variety


    black coffee and a Regal King Size, help to get you going before your ride and reduce your appetite.

    Premier Icon boriselbrus

    Why the advice for skimmed milk? Without the fat in the milk your body struggles to absorb the calcium and you NEED fat in your diet, unlike carbs which you don’t need. Heard the phrase “essential fatty acids”? There are no essential carbs…

    OP – scrambled eggs with grilled tomatoes, cheese omelette, chicken drumsticks? Basically anything you like – you don’t have to have processed carbs (usually sugary) and milk or bacon and eggs. There is nothing stopping you having a curry for breakfast if you want.

    Probably the worst thing you can have though is a “traditional breakfast cereal”. These are usually heavily processed and contain lots of sugar and salt. This means a sugar high, feeling hungry an hour later and a hormonal imbalance which will lead to weigh gain.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    To defend my skimmed milk stance, just because I consume a fair bit, and obv part of a balanced diet blah blah. Nowt wrong with ss.

    For my cereal recommendation though, plenty of fats in the nuts etc..but sorry, have to pull up your statement that you don’t need carbs. Respectfuly, that’s pesh 😉

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Ready brek with a banana smushed in… Nice smooth texture unlike porridge

    Muesli with a small amount of milk isn’t that nice, it needs a a fair slosh! The orange (or purple) lidded milk is 1%, sits between Semi 2% and Skimmed 0.1% but doesn’t taste much different to Semi.

    Nice combo that I can eat happily without adding sugar is a weetabix on top of Jordans Muesli. Make sure you don’t get one with added sugar. If you like your fruit then try Dorset Cereals or M&S mahoosive fruit muesli.

    Or nice porridge (biggest oats you can find so it has some bite) with sliced banana.


    I’m with you on the oats/porridge thing OP, I can’t eat rice pudding either, or anything else that resmbles vomit in a bowl 👿

    Mon-fri for me consists of 2 shredded wheat, handful of blueberries and a splash of cold milk…larvely!!

    Wkends, fill your boots!!

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