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  • Hayfever – acupunture, injections or virgins?
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    I suffered really badly when I was young. Late teens I had a test then 3 years of 10 jabs a year which pretty much cleared me up. That was for grass pollen, I occasionally get knobbled by something else v specific but that’s pretty uncommon and usually responds to antihistamines.

    Iirc I was referred for allergy tests by the GP, but for me I was pretty well flat on my back on a bad day, not just a bit sneezy.


    I’m not sure what his preferred anti-histamine is, but if I take anything when my hayfever actually starts it does nothing at all, it’s too late for me at that point.

    I take cetirizine from around March onwards and it does the trick.

    Not sure whether there is any basis in science for this, but worth a shot, especially considering you can buy 6 months worth of it for £5.

    Premier Icon alfabus

    The steroid nose sprays normally work quite well for me, but this past week, I’ve been a wreck… something strong is mutating out there!



    Change to a paleo diet. After 35 years of summer misery, mine has been declining for the last couple of years and O have none at all this year.


    Leave the UK! I was seriously suffering last week but sat on a beach in Mallorca right now and have no effects at all.


    We’re using those nose spray things for my wife and son. Works very well on the wife, not so good on my son.


    get him a NOSE BUDDY

    Pretty disgusting to do, but it really works.

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    I get it really bad. My eyes puffed up and i was flat out and had to take the day off a month ago following a big day out on the bike.
    I was given the injection the next day and that has been effective. But i have had a weird virus thing since, hopefully no link!

    Its all about prevention rather than cure re. tablets etc. I have used some herbal drops called Luffa (can be bought on-line) for a few years which have been effective. My sis had success with them too.
    I think this season has been bad. A long winter/late spring has meant mother nature has gone flat out when the sun has shone. Thats my theory based on my own suffering levels atleast!


    I used to get hayfever really badly in UK & tried everything but sadly nothing really worked. Now I live in Spain I only get it from almond blossom (c 1 month a year) so just use olbas oil & wash my hands a lot.

    Just breathe in olbas in a hanky when you are blocked up – works a treat for me.

    I had the injection a couple of times when I were a lad and suffering badly. They did seem to work pretty well, though it was right in the butt (long time ago, don’t know if there’s a better version these days) and it must have caught a nerve or something as I had a dead leg for a couple of days.

    Eldest lad has hayfever and it’s driving him nuts at the moment, he battled through it for his GCSEs but he’s a walking snot and sneeze monster, with streaming eyes and it’s putting him off coming out for a ride.

    Anyone tried acupuncture or the injections, do they work if so what and were did you get it sorted? (Was thinking of sacrificing a virgin but they are getting very scarce around here unless you want to start killing people who are bothered by wheel sizes!)


    As a child, about 8yo, I had one or two injections a week (to build up a tolerance) for over a year. My brother same. Didn’t work

    Premier Icon zbonty

    The injection i had last month was in the butt cheek.

    My GP described me as his most allergic patient! Bit of a pain when you wait six months for a bit of extra daylight and warmer/drier weather and hayfever gives you a big punch in the face!

    Needs to find what works for him, as you see here a HUGE selection of treatments of which some work for some and not for others.

    I get horrific hayfever.. well actually allergies all year round. I take Cetirzine Hydrochloride but 20mg of the stuff, recently bought 1 years work of tablets for £20 off Group On. Nasal sprays never worked.


    Anyone tried acupuncture or the injections, do they work if so what and were did you get it sorted? (Was thinking of sacrificing a virgin but they are getting very scarce around here unless you want to start killing people who are bothered by wheel sizes!)

    He’s a teenager, how, exactly, were you thinking of ‘sacrificing’ said virgin? 😉

    I was really bad with it as a child; one year it was so bad it actually triggered an asthma attack.

    cut to age 13-14 & I had the allergy tests to find out exactly what it was that was doing this to me – grass pollen, that & nettle pollen. Tree pollen (later in the season) doesn’t bother me. flower pollen is not airborne, so doesn’t affect me. Cutting the grass is not a trigger unless it’s had time to get long enough to flower…

    I was supposed to get 3 years worth of 3x jabs at 2 week intervals but missed year 3 for one reason or another.

    Now I still get it but nowhere near as bad. I take Beconase nasal spray in the mornings (or generic equivalent) from about end of April through to end of July, plus cetirizine hydrochloride if I’m outside gardening etc. This year it didn’t start as early & hasn’t been as bad, apart from the gardening thing, hoping the season will be over soon enough.

    @CZ – he’s 16.


    I tried the local honey thing for a while. Not sure if it worked 100% but worth a try. 1 teaspoon of locally produced honey a year all year round.

    Still took my usual concoction of pills and nasal spray though.

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