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  • Have you ever gone on holiday and stayed on?
  • Premier Icon zippykona

    1990 holiday in Australia.
    Woke up in the middle of the night with proper night terrors as I dreamt that I was back in England.
    Luckily I was still living with my parents, so waited til the time difference was right ,phoned up and resigned.
    A wonderful,wonderful feeling.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    Did it once in Egypt. Left my job in the UK and planned to go out for a month holiday then get back and look for a new job. Got to the time of my return flight and thought, no this is better. I’ll stay another month. Then my visa ran out but I managed to renew that locally. Got offered a job as a dive guide, eventually decided that it was about time to come home after about 7 months. All in all it was a great time and good to grab the opportunity while I was young, before settling down to a proper job.

    Premier Icon robob

    i once stayed on an extra day at Barmouth in 2011.


    Ibiza. Went in 96 for a week, came home for a couple of weeks then went back out and spent the best part of the next 7 years out there. Met the wife out there in 97 and still together 17 years later.


    Stayed on in Greece once, but that was due to an ear infection. The travel insurance company put us up, the infection stopped hurting within a couple of days, but the doctor made us stay for an extra 10 days. 2 week holiday ended up being nearly 4 weeks. It was great.

    loddrik wins though. 🙂


    Dubrovnik in 2002, meant to be there for three days and stayed three months.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Only when our plane was delayed. Not really the same.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Went out to Harare in 1994 to stay with my cousin, originally just for a month but ended up staying for 7 months – i should have stayed longer. Same again in 1999, went out to Turkey with GF, loved it so we stayed for 6 months and bought 2 50cc scooters and did almost 7000 miles on them whilst exploring everywhere. And finally India in 2002 with GF, originally went for a month but within days of arriving in Mumbai we decided that “****-it – lets stay and have an adventure” so we made our way to Dehli and bought an Enfield and had it fully prepared and serviced then spent the next 6 months and 15,000 miles getting wonderfully lost whilst exploring Kashmir, Nepal and India from top to bottom.

    As you can see i’m well overdue a long trip somewhere, life’s too short to worry bout work.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Once towed a caravan to the south coast just before a fuel strike, had to wait an extra week to be sure of getting back, it was further than a tankful.


    Got stuck in Bangkok a few years ago when anti-govt protestors occupied the airport. Thai govt put us up for free in a
    4 star hotel for a week whilst the airport reopened and work gave me the extra week off – result!


    Once in Gibraltar on a long weekend, on Monday morning our ship broke !!

    Ahh well six weeks in Gib waiting for the bits to be made and flown out, caned the credit cad and boosted the Spanish economy !


    Thailand for a week, stayed in SE Asia for 6 months.
    Quick trip to Aussie turned into 18 months.
    Three weeks in NZ turned into a year.
    Few months work on a boat became 3 years.
    Couple of years back in the ‘pool has turned into 6.

    Premier Icon funkrodent

    Went to Edinburgh for Hogmanay back in the 90s. Arrived on the 30th, with ticket booked back to London morning of the 2nd. Eventually made it back to London on the 14th. Not a massive overstay by the standards set above, but I’m willing to bet I had at least as good a time..
    In fact, if I could remember more of it, I’d be willing to put money on it.. 😉

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I went for a week’s holiday in Cornwall and accidentally stayed for 3 months. The surf-bum dream, except for the bit where I never actually liked surfing, so didn’t bother with that bit. It’s amazing how independent you can feel with the parental safety net fully engaged.

    Hah. I think about 50% of all the jobs I’ve ever had in my life happened in that summer.


    Haverfordwest, one Easter in the early eighties. My younger brother got appendicitis, so not only did he stay on for a further two weeks, but left a little piece of himself for ever in that Pembrokeshire incinerator.

    He’s deeply sentimental about it to this very day.

    Premier Icon Clobber

    Went out to Florida to do Disney with the kids. The day we were supposed to leave the volcano (was it Eyjafjallajökull?) in Iceland went up and we couldn’t get a flight back for another 2 weeks…

    I never want to see Mickey friggin Mouse ever again…


    Ended up in Spain at the end of a concert tour, 3 months before the next rigging crew job in Germany turned into 12yrs, a marriage and a daughter 😉
    Only back here because business ventures necessitated the move.
    Singledom has me considering visiting old friends……


    Went to Puerto pollensa in 1996 for a holiday, ended up staying 4 years, good times

    Went to Goa for a holiday and got my return dates mixed up! Missed my flight by a day. Totally bricking the cost of an immediate flight back to the UK…cost me £50 to get from Goa to Heathrow, £250 from Heathrow to Edinburgh!

    i did a work experience season in cornwall in 1983, i never really left.

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