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  • Junkyard

    I was once out in drag when this cute guy asked me for gum I literally had him eating out of my hand 😉

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Oh, I have had that happen as well. For some reason I was always getting hit on by gay guys in clubs. Never bothered me, explained I wasn’t gay and usually had a bit of a laugh with them…

    Premier Icon righog

    Anybody else now curious about seeing Junkyards Cleavage ?


    Cost you a fiver 😉

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    The lady I met for a drink after selling her a mobile phone.

    Playing cricket with the bat my Dad made for me at the back of the house.

    Going to Bristol Zoo with Mum.

    Eating rice crispies when on holiday (only time I was allowed them).

    Meeting Norman Wisdom.

    Passing my driving test (first time, so no need for me to entertain any STW driving threads).

    The disappointment when Dad took my Kettacar away to “paint up with flames down the side”. I’m sure he did a great job, but I expected more.

    First day at School “He’s been busy as a bee”. Why I remember that I don’t know.

    …and finally, going to the dentist when I was 5 (apparently) and dropping a big shiny red apple on the pavement and watching it roll down the hill out of sight.

    I was immediately distraught.

    Then, a motorbike chap riding up the hill in full black leathers, with my shiny red apple in his hand and then handing it back to me.


    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    In a bit of a counterbalance to the regrets thread, what happy random memories spring to mind – you know the silly things.

    Mine – I was in a nightclub and rather in need of some chewing gum if you know what I mean. Anyway I ask this rather attractive young lady whether she had any. Figure hugging dress, elbow length gloves – very nice.

    Anyway she nods, smiles and gets a packet of gum from her cleavage. Takes a piece out whilst making sure I maintain eye contact and made me take the gum with my teeth from her hand.

    She then gave me a peck on the cheek and disappeared into the crowd.

    Best piece of gum I had ever tasted!

    Going camping in the Lakes at Bridge End Farm near Thirlmere with mum & dad, (every weekend or so it seems)’sledging’ down the grassy hill on some cardboard, cleaning my teeth & washing in the stream & going up Helvellyn in some ‘stout shoes’, steering a tractor round the field with Billy the farm hand, dad catching the Pike that got away.
    & I’m talking 45 years ago or more!
    The older you are, the more memories you have. 😆


    A family Christmas spent in rented accommodation near Slapton, Devon, in 1993.

    Jocasta, a girl on a ferry from Corfu to Italy, explaining that she was a lesbian while we enjoyed a post coital cigarette.

    Just read that back. She wasn’t a lesbian when we were doing our stuff. Now I am wondering if she became a lesbian because of it.

    Was I that good that she knew she would never reach such heights of ecstasy again with a man again or was I so bad that I put her off?

    Premier Icon ton

    drinking Horlicks and eating knickerbocker glories, after swimming in the freezing sea off the cobbled landing in filey, me and my 2 older sisters, I was 7.


    laying back in the tent in woolacombe watching leonid? meteors with brother just before he joined Navy. He has just ‘retired’after 30 yrs, remember stuff like that clear as day but what the hell did I have for breakfast?

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