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  • Is anyone running enve rims
  • LoCo

    No one I know that’s running them has had an issues with them, have managed to resist buying any so far 😉


    I know a few people are on here, how are they holding up to abuse


    Do you still post on the MTBR Nicolai site? There’s at least two on there running Enve rims.


    Yep, a few guys in the office are here, me included, all AM rims.

    Most of us (including me) have roasted a rim at some point. Weird as a lot of guys went from Haven Carbon rims, which had a far lower failure rate (although the early ones had a few hub issues).

    There is a lot of b*llocks spouted about massive levels of stiffness compared to anything else & far better performance, which amongst us hasn’t really been noticed. You can notice a small difference, mainly on off camber rough sections, but it doesn’t really translate into any more speed anywhere.

    I wouldn’t pay for them out of my own money. Maybe if you stepped up from a Hope Hoop you might notice more of a difference, but a decent high end wheel build, it’s not worth it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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