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  • Halfords Brakes for life – who's tried it?
  • Premier Icon alaric
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    I need new pads for my Subaru (Outback diesel, not anything silly ;-)).

    Brakes for life looks like a no brainer, I’m interested in feedback – is there a good reason to go elsewhere?

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    How much are these pads for life ?

    Given i need pads once every 20-30000 miles you probably wont benifit to much , pads aint expensive. Most folk probably sell the cr before it needs pads , halfords will be quids in .

    Does give them an oportunity to upsell though once your cars up on their ramp.

    Premier Icon JAG
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    I’d be concerned about the quality of the parts they will be fitting.

    I’m sure they’ll tell you they are of ‘equivalent quality’ as OEM parts but they won’t be anywhere near as good as the stuff we fit when we build the car.

    YMMV 😆

    Premier Icon tron
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    I suspect they’ll make their money back on the discs. Most of the time you might as well change the discs when you do the pads. Changing the discs is very nearly as much work as changing the pads, so you’ll end up having them do it at the same time.

    If memory serves all pads now need to be within 15% of OE performance. Depending on the car, 15% less braking might be fine, or it might be a bit marginal.

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    It’s life of owner not the car isn’t it? Which leaves me thinking, where is the catch? My guess is that you have to get halfords to do all other brake related work…. Fluid changes, new discs when they recommend and so on? They will probably be fairly priced for this though, so if you are happy with Halfords getting that work, give it a go.

    Premier Icon nick1962
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    It’s life of owner not the car isn’t it? Which leaves me thinking, where is the catch?

    Premier Icon andyl
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    They’ll be charging at least 3x what they pay for the brake parts + labour. I suspect a lot of people will never be back for brake change and if they do it will probably just be pads and halfords WILL find other things to charge for – “oh your brake fluid needs changing”, “your trackings out and you need new tyres”, “your exhaust needs replacing” etc etc. They may well be valid faults but it means they get in there first.

    I too would worry about the quality of parts they are fitting but that is because I am heavy on my cars and I also worry about the last x% that scrimping on cheap brakes, tyres etc makes.

    Premier Icon alaric
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    It is life of owner. I’ve done 35,000 miles on the original pads in three years. Since I plan to keep the car for at least 10 years, I’ll need 2 or 3 more sets minimum.

    I was guessing at the same catches mentioned above, just hoping someone had actually tried it and could provide feedback…

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