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    No he hasn’t. Only a small bit of the whole of Foxhill is affected – those across Skew Hill / Salt Box Lane (more Greno really) are fine.

    It is just a small ‘triangle’ and people can park either up across at the afore mentioned Greno junction or across the A61 / Halifax Road and they are fine.

    Absolute furthest to a tram stop (Leppings Lane) is just shy of 2 miles but there will be buses running on routes closer than this.

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    Oh man, the links from this thread are a goldmine of impotent middle class rage 😀

    bordering on criminal

    any kind of liberty

    alleged noise level and nudity

    should have talked to us

    Sort this mess now

    totally and utterly unacceptable

    ordinary population

    normal daily lives

    Poor bloke. probably spent his whole life ranting against something or other instead of enjoying himself

    If I have nothing to complain about, I’ll complain about nothing

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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