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  • Premier Icon kayak23

    Just seen the bloke from green oil on breakfast news. How is it?


    its alright actually,
    you need to reapply it more often I find.

    I would imagine the whole idea of green oil vanishes when you use no tubes and the gubbins that squirts over the trails..


    Uhhhh……’s green 😀

    rob jackson

    its messy and thin ime

    Premier Icon rugbydick

    It’s green and oily 😆

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Is it made out of peas and fairy spit?


    Very good,the grease is a little thin.The bike wash is good too.Far better than fenwicks.


    The oil turns into a thick gunky mess, I gave up on it.

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    I find it pretty decent, they have changed the bottle since i bought mine as my main gripe about it was the stupid bottle cap that poped off on my bottle making a mess of the boot of my car.

    Of late as the weather is getting colder the stuff seems to get a fair bit thicker. At this time of year i hose my bike down after manky muddy rides apply some new oil on the chan and chuck the bike in the shed for next time, longevity of the oil on the chain is something i have never really though about.

    I’d buy it again when my current one runs out.

    Smells like Vick chest rub-turns solid in the bottle when cold. much prefer Muc-Off dry Lube-superb stuff.

    Premier Icon DezB

    The Green Oil man beat me in a sprint at the Big Bike Bash* this year.
    He was on a BMX! He said it was because he had Green Oil on his chain.

    (So did I, unfortunately)(for the race, not for my chain)

    *see Don’t miss.. on the top right >>>


    I used it all summer and found it pretty good to be honest. I’ve started using something a bit more substancial on the chain now it’s getting wetter/muddier but find it still works fine elsewhere.


    I might have to try some this winter then.

    Do we know if todays TV celeb Mr Green Oil himself ever posts on STW?


    It really is good it used to be a bit thin but later batches are spot on!
    Cheap effective and eco friendly. 🙂

    Premier Icon ruffrider

    Got given some earlier this year, seems just as good as anything else I’ve tried…..

    Works well BUT also smells awesome. Really.


    What they all say. It’s oil and it’s work. Plus the chap is nice and seems decent and as far I can remember as always be concerned about making us pick up rubbish in lordswood

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