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    I guess it depends whether you want all that ‘home start’ stuff etc? as I take it the free service doesn’t include it?

    TBH, I’m considering ditching them altogether and just joining the AA if I breakdown, it doesn’t seem to be that much more expensive

    Cheers I’m not that fussed about home start etc (only live 5 miles from work and have only called out once in 10 years after someone rear ended me).Only really want it for peace of mind on longer (uk)journeys


    Really it depends on the level of free cover. There’s nothing wrong with Green Flag as a company. Do you get relay, or is it fix at side of road or tow to a garage within 10miles only?

    Assuming your paying for your bank account, . . it’s not free!

    I did this for ages, until I decided paying for a bank account is pointless.

    So now I don’t pay for my new account, which saves me £16 a month, and I have car breakdown cover for £26 a year.


    I used Green Flag until last year when my insurance changed their deals. Had home start included and service and speed was good with them.

    I have this free with my bank account but have always out of habit kept with AA or RAC is it worth ditching them and just going with the free cover?

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    I run a recovery company that has the GF contract they are definitely one of the better recovery companies Both for the customer and the contractors however read the FREE cover small print very very carefully !!!!!!
    In most cases when we go out to the unsuspecting, broken down motorist that stranded on the side of the road miles from home cold wet and pissed off only for us to tell them sorry sir/madam but this FREE cover only entitles you to 10miles recovery and that (in some cases) includes the mileage to and from the operators base so….be warned !!!
    If you can upgrade your GF cover then go for that option imo


    The big company that own Green Flag, other than the tax payer, have stopped using them for there own vehicles, which makes me chuckle.


    Any costs where transportation exceeds 10 miles are not covered

    looks like I will need to arrange my own cover, Thanks for the hint Mark.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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