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  • gopro-ists – PAL or NTSC if i'm going to make a dvd + other video questions!
  • meeeee

    Had some footage recorded in NTSC but wanted to put it on DVD for my dad. I’ve made a DVD but its a bit jerkier than the original footage.

    Is this just because i’ve put it on DVD and the framerate has been reduced?

    Would recording it in PAL have made any difference?

    I edited all the footage in Windows movie maker (saved it as a 1080 HD format) then burned to dvd. I used the windows movie maker rather than GoPro Studio as i wanted to have better transitions between the clips and GoPro Studio seemed a bit limited for this.

    Would i have had better results doing everything in GoPro Studio?



    Flat screens with auto selection and HDMI have made this selection a bit redundant.

    But if you using scart or BNC connectors to an old telly then it’s more important.

    I suspect it’s the compression or codecs that is causing you the issues.


    If you made a PAL DVD then NTSC source would have been converted to PAL and you’ll get judder that way due to different frame rates.

    HDMI isn’t exactly a fix, but modern TVs with HDMI inputs almost certainly cope with NTSC so you could have created just an NTSC disc from NTSC source. That said it will be a down convert from 1080 to 480 for NTSC. PAL would be 576 on DVD so a bit extra resolution.

    Technically your GoPro isn’t recording NTSC or PAL. They’re analogue formats. It’s just labelled that as a way of referring to NTSC or PAL compatible frame rate. It gets more complicated as you have interlaced or progressive formats, especially for DVD and depends if you shot in 60fps or 30fps for NTSC. The higher rate may be better for converting.

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