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  • Good rear winter XC tyre.
  • Currently using Advantage 2.10, before that, High Roller 2.35. Not using tubeless, just good ol' tubes. Thinking of going back to High Rollers again unless anyone has any good recommendations around the £20-30 mark.


    Speccy Storm 2Bliss, my favourite winter tyre, although for the most part i get on with Racing Ralph Rear, Nobby Nic Front all year.


    I was thinking same thing. Just swapped a racing ralph for high roller on the front but was no good at all on dirt on sunday. Not quite what i expected from such a revered 'all rounder'.

    The High Roller hh45 for me has been pretty faithful over the years up front. Good mud clearance from the tyre and tracks quite well. I'm just open to trying a new rear tyre. I've heard good things about the spesh tyres.

    In fact the storms are similar to bonty acx, which are like a cut down mudx.


    Mud X, topic closed 😆

    Been v impressed with bonty mud x, had them on the rear for last couple of rides.


    depends on where you ride but i have used bonty Mud X's in the cotswolds and also for Cwm Carn and Afan with no problems in either place.


    Mud X are pretty good, though I've got no plans to remove my RR's.
    Quite like Speed Kings, but I mightbe in a minority with that one.

    +1 Mud X here..

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    I'm liking the new Kenda Excavators, they're like a nevegal on steroids really. Good mud shovelling, not up to the standard of a real mud tyre but you'd not expect that. Slight lack of side grip I think, they don't climb out of ruts too well but that's about the extent of their drawbacks. The 2.1 grips like a 2.35 Nevegal, but rolls faster and weighs less. All in all pretty nice.

    I have a theory, myself, that on the trails I ride if I need a mud tyre, i should probably not ride that section at all- anything I can't ride on something like these, I reckon could do with being rested instead of plowed. But ymmv of course.

    Northwind – you've clearly not had to get through a Cotswolds winter. Mud, mud & more mud. Being Cotswolds, add in slippery rock and some road sections to link trails & you get the picture. Tyre has to grip in mud but not be lethal on rocks or roads. Ran a mud x up front last winter – replaced a big 2.35 Bonty wet as I had clogging issues. Rear tyre – it's as much about balance & weight shifting as it is tyre tread to be honest. Opted for a low tread that collected less as rear tyre clearance on current HT isn't huge. Have found 2.25 advantages on FS work in most conditions, but it doesn't come out in the depths of winter.


    2.1 swampthing.. if you can find one…

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    +1 for speedkings!
    I love them.

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    singletrackbiker, you're spot on, I live in civilisation 😉 But the OP doesn't seem to need a full on mud tyre from his post, if he's considering highrollers. The Excavator's in a similiar vein, just a bit better at the squishy stuff, and a bit slower. Everyone jumps to recommend serious mud tyres but not everyone actually needs them, a lot of folks are better off on a sensible trail tyre depending on their riding.


    Yup Bonty Mud-X for me too

    1.8 with about 35PSI in the slippery conditions

    I've been running an ignitor 2.1 on the rear recently, while its been dry. Its starting to get "interesting" now though, so thinking of changing to a single ply highroller 2.1.

    Plenty of grip up front though with a swampthing supertacky.

    Thanks for all the suggestions chaps. I now have a few choices to think about.

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    If you don't mind a narrow tyre, Mud X really are that good.

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