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  • Good news for the Surrey Hills
  • Premier Icon mattjg

    Rain at last! Finally that dreadful dry spell is over and the threat of an early February hosepipe ban recedes. Phew.

    Any news from the other corners of our parched and dusty isle?

    I avoided SH today and chose Swinley instead. Given how bad Swinley was I imagine SH will be poor this weekend. Road flooding is really bad tonight, so expect the Wey to burst its banks again soon.

    Good to see you lightening the mood though Matt.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Yeah I took the train from Dorkers to Leatherhead yesterday, great views of the Mole in spate and flooded fields. Quite a sight by the bridge at LH.

    Another inch due tonight!


    The roads round the downs were rivers this evening. Trails will be horrendous.


    Prevailing conditions for all area’s of the British Isles:

    Wet, deeply wet in some low lying area’s. Predominantly muddy except where its sandy or rocky or frozen. Exceptionally muddy everywhere else.

    Trails are becoming quagmire-ish of Dark Ages proportions, some may require the fitting and use of a smaller chainring at the front, or larger sprocket at the back, or both. It’s not like this where it’s sandy, or rocky. Some of the wet rocks might be a bit slippery. Be aware of the thin crust of ice in frozen area’s.

    Watch out for low hanging branches and fallen tree’s in all area’s where there are branches and tree’s.

    It’s currently raining or snowing, so take a coat and enjoy the feeling of cycling over what feels to be greased ball bearings 😀

    Condition normal then 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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