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  • Premier Icon adamthekiwi

    Hi all,

    As per title, can anyone recommend a really good bike shop in Poole?

    Cheers – Adam…


    Might not fit your definition of ‘near Poole’ …. but Pedals in Ferndown always seem a friendly bunch when I go in


    Charliethebikemonger in Swanage. Top top man.

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer

    I’ve not been to Poole for over a year but Last time I was there Cycle Paths in the Dolphin Centre were friendly and helpful. They are not all about exclusive top end stuff, more a bit of everything from kids up. Primera are away from the centre of Poole (Branksome?) but I found them really good too. They also have a shop in Bournemouth more aimed at road riders, that shop I found less friendly but maybe they are perfectly proficient. Bike Lab was also in Poole, the guy who I think was the owner was great but mostly no one really wanted to serve me if I went in at lunch time for a tyre or whatever so I went elsewhere. I think the shop has gone now.


    Yeah, Bikelab’s gone. There’s also Ride in Parkstone.


    Primera always gets my vote!

    MTB stuff in the “Poole” store, Road in the “bournemouth” store (both are just out of town)

    Clive and Vince at Poole are brilliant guys – really helpful!



    Another vote for primera from me. Cyclexperience over at wareham train station supposed to be ok too



    Premier Icon adamthekiwi

    That’s excellent, thanks all!

    I’m not far away, just the other side of the world largest natural harbour, a good ride away. But somewhat specialist, so don’t expect a me to have a xt rear mech on the shelf. Do you need 4.8″ wide tyres?

    Primera in Poole are cool… As said above, Vince and Clive are good fellows. Neither of them can ride for sh1t after a few ciders. And their roadie shop in bournemouth is good too. Used to be my lbs.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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