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  • Premier Icon dknwhy

    Watching this one with interest as I’m after some full finger padded summer gloves…


    I love my unpadded Race Face gloves. I prefer chunky grips and unpadded gloves.

    But I recently tried some cheap On One gloves with a bit of padding as back ups and they are pretty good. They are the black and grey ones. Also got some of their waterproof ones for winter and thin ones for the road bike (they had them very cheap on sale ranging from £3 to £10)


    I use Spesh Body Geometry ones……………….

    They’re very comfortable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope that helps???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    I currently use gloves that are un padded? as I don’t particully like the feel of padded gloves, but my hands are getting numb, I currently ride with esi chunky foam grips and carbon bars, so I think its time to try some padded gloves.
    What can you guy’s recommend???

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    similar issue here actually, I’ve found I prefer thin gloves but I’ve been getting a bit of pressure and discomfort using these on my commuter in certain positions on the tops and drops, so I’ve started looking at (Gulp) roadie mitts with Gel to try and improve general comfort and reduce buzz, I was going to try gel pads under the tape but trying the gloves first seems like a more logical first step.

    I have had a good look myself and I think i’ll try the endura full monty gloves. anyone use these?

    Premier Icon Clobber

    I think the full monty gloves are fantastic, they are warm enough until it gets really cold, they are warm in the wet yet I happily wear them in summer too…

    However, I am not sure the padding is perfectly placed for me… I would highly recommend them but only after you’ve tried them on and grasped your bars as it were, to check pad placement.


    +1 on Spec BG for padded


    think i’ll try the endura full monty gloves

    Got some a few months ago and have worn them to death ever since. The shape is a bit strange the thumb seems short but after a while they kind of adapt and fit like err…gloves. The gel bits work quite well until they start to go soft. Quality is as good as any other glove in the same price range.


    Troy Lee XCs are awesome. May not be padded enough for what you’re after, but I love them.

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