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    What’s it like ATM? Going for a Pootle but don’t want to take snowshoes!

    Heard it was bad during the week

    from facebook photos today, really **** snowy.


    Was up yesterday. Rideable up to BN but a lot of snow there still. Spoke to a few folk who went higher and said it wasn’t good. Some pretty big drifts: snow above height of bench at start of green.

    That said: electric blue was an absolute blast. Snow covered but compacted without being icy. Like a mini cresta run! Looked like berm baby berm was similar.

    So maybe an hour’s riding. Poss more with some of the natural stuff around the fort/Jenny’s too.


    Ta,I’m off anyway to have a messabout


    We went there yesterday, sort of thought there would be snow and read the rangers report, but still went regardless.

    Alarm bells should have been ringing when the car park on an easter sunday had all of about 15 cars in it!!

    The snow started almost straight away, but was only 1-2″ and well compacted & grippy until the other colours split away leaving just the red. To begin with it was fine & enjoyable, looked like a few hundred bikes had been through, but as we made our way up the climbs it got deeper and more lethal, one person dropped out after it took us all about 10 minutes to navigate down 1x 100m ice chute, which was probably the wise choice!.

    The rest of us carried on regardless, the trails became less and less well trodden until it looked like there had been maybe only 2 or 3 bikes through before us since it had last snowed. ANd the snow was in the 5-10″ range.

    Very hard going, and took us 4.5hrs to get around the red. But spooky woods (and esp the bit below it) was still very good, lots of almost fully flat on the ground (and sometimes on th ground…) cornering going on, but crashing was fun & comfortable.

    Would suggest its going to be worse as more people ride teh upper sections turning them to ice chutes until it melts fully (maybe 3-5 days from now?)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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