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    So i’m on call this weekend but can’t turn down the chance to thrash round gisburn, is there ANY phone signal up there at all on O2?

    I’ll just need to pick up any missed calls every 30 mins or so, am i taking the piss a bit too much? 😀

    Premier Icon mick_r

    I get an O2 signal right up on the very top craggy bit – nowehere else.

    Hope that helps.


    That helps immensely – I reccon 2 hours to get round, if there’s a stop halfwayish with a bif of signal i can fulfil my obligations of a 60 min initial response time 😉

    I get an O2 signal at a few points, very patchy though. You should be fine if you don’t have to pick up the call straight away.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    If you’re fortunate, you may also manage to get a flicker of a signal at the top of the Hope Line.

    I’ve never got any signal in the car park, and I don’t know how far away from the forest it starts getting better – although there is a phone box in Tosside.


    Only phone signal I can get is right where you need to phone the air ambulance for people falling down “The Slab”…. quite handy.


    Top of the Hope Line and up by Whelpstone Crag (aka the very top craggy bit / Slab area) are the only two officially recognised reception points.

    Gisburn Bike Trails Map

    And yes, this map doesn’t actually show all the latest bits of trail, not even the Hope Line – hopefully we will get an up-to-date one eventually!

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