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  • GHOST bikes – tell me about them?
  • lightman

    I wonder who thought of that name!
    To me, a Ghost bike is something relatives put up at the spot where someone got killed while riding their bike!

    They’re owned by (or are part of the same company as) Lapierre.

    Always looked decent bikes to me.

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    Progression bikes in Dunkeld stock em. Met a couple of people riding the Perth Enduro on them. They seemed pretty happy.


    My Dad has just bought a GHOST Trekking bike on a whim as he is getting bored in his retirement and plans to do some touring, maybe cycle round the UK coast in stages, i.e. 1 weekend here and there, not in one go.

    He didnt give me any specs, but I had never heard of them.

    Anyone had any experiences with them?


    IMO awesome bikes 🙂


    I have a Ghost lector 5700 carbon 2011 model love its the first full suss Ive owned
    always been hardtail and the last 5 years on a steel single speed
    just fancied a change great reviews plus great price won me over
    it has to be the best bike i have ever ridden lose nothing on the climbs
    a gain a load of confidence on the descents just has a great feel to it
    cant fault that GHerman engineering


    pretty pleased with my new one. bought a ghost ASX plus frame from CRC last month and built it up with a push’d fox van RC.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Ridden a couple as hire bikes and they were spot on. My impression was that they’re a bit generic, like canyon say, so good bikes for a good price, rather than anything a bit more exciting.


    They are nothing to do with Lapierre, your possibly getting confused as Hotlines are the UK distributor for Lapierre and GHOST.

    Ive had a few and so has the other half, very very good bikes.


    Really happy with mine. AMR+ Lector, the same one that was tested in the mag last year and got a “ST Recommends” badge thingy.

    Seems to be well made and nicely thought out. Rides brilliantly!


    They are something to do with Lapierre….they’re their sister company.


    don’t they all snap round the linkage and near the rear mech??

    Premier Icon seadog101

    I’ve a Ghost 6000 EBS Pro Ltd. At £600 quid I couldn’t say no. The build and overall quality is great. The sizing for me is a tad short, but a slightly longer stem has resolved that issue. Here’s a pic, looking quite resplendent in its sunday best.

    [/url] Muddy bike. by Matt1833, on Flickr[/img]


    i think there was an issue with chainstay braces on the fs bikes breaking due to too many welds in a small area, but i believe that problem has been fixed

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