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    Chunnel? £150 return, and you can generally get on a different train if you’re early/late and they have capacity. Loads faster end-to-end too.


    Tunnel using Tesco clubcard points is my usual route.

    Works out cheaper and soo much easier than the ferry.


    My parents book 6 months in advance. Normally ~Christmas for June.

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    Try the tunnel, quicker, easier, smoother etc.


    Bit of an odd one but thought some folk might know.
    How do you get reasonable ferry tickets these days? Last time I crossed the channel in 2012 it was about £30. Now seems closer to £90, or is it just a case of booking 3 months in advance?

    Or does anyone have any unwanted email vouchers for a ferry? I know Norfolk line always send them out.

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    Be thankful. Going over to Arran on ferry today, car and 3 passengers 133 quid. Half the distance of the channel.

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    I usually book P+O. Rarely more than €100. Half the price of the tunnel when you live on mainland EU and travel “the wrong way”.
    Doesn’t matter when you book, the prices don’t vary all that much, although imagine august is more expensive.

    I could book my ticket for Christmas this afternoon, or on December 20th, and it’d be pretty much the same price. And most times be put on the next sailing of that operator.

    Think Dover-Dunkerque is best bargain? That’s the one my parents always use. They claim you can’t take LPG cars on tunnel, so can’t cash in all their Tesco vouchers on that.


    You can sometimes get some deals but the tend to be money off on board
    My last trip at the end of June was £49 return with a £20 food voucher thrown in.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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