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  • Gary_C

    Perhaps airlines should buy these…



    Let's be fair. A 2'1" diameter hoop at least.


    Put less seating in 😕


    Come on people think outside the seat. Convert some of the luggage cabin. Top tier skinnys and kit bottom tier the more rotund passenger and their bags. Keeps teh centre or gravity low for better cornering and if the undercarriage fails to deploy………….boing…………boing….boing..boing.boing…..landed job done.


    nickc – Member

    Do fatties fly BMI do we think?

    I doubt most fatties are even aware of it.

    FAT ****!

    Never gets old.

    Feel happier now…



    I love threads like this. The small, malnourished labrats who actually fit into Italian-made cycling clothing get all angry and clench their bony little fists. I can hear their squeaky little voices as they rise up (not very far) against the system that is so unfair where 'they subsidise fatties for travel'. Their high metabolisms must be burning the few calories they consume at such a high rate, driven by a desire for retribution.
    Keep up the good work – your whining amuses me every time. 😀


    @ TooTall


    Actually I think you may be failing to recognise sarcasm from at least half the posters on this thread.

    Also i am about as malnourished as a butchers dog. I think we are mostly talking about these guys:

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    The small, malnourished labrats who actually fit into Italian-made cycling clothing get all angry and clench their bony little fists….


    Premier Icon scaredypants

    I wouldn't mind if airlines charged proportionately – course it'd help if they itemised the whole thing too, since weight only uses up more fuel & has no effect on the amount of "service" provided to an individual or overheads involved in running the business. I doubt this would lead to the huge differences (thin) people envisage.

    (on a "classic threads" tack, it'd be great if they offered discounts for sweating weight off at the check-in desk on a *ahem* treadmill or maybe provide a picolax dispenser)

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    The guy is Jamie's picture is standing next to something that suggests he "upgrade to wet platinum – guaranteed never sticky and silky smooth". Is knowing what that's about going to upset me? 😯

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    c'mon BD, try the link 😉

    action dan

    This is a "Big Boned" member of STW 😆

    Premier Icon stumpyjon

    FFS, it's not about the right's of the fatties it's about the rights of the 'normal' people. You pay for a seat, it's not unreasonable to expect to sit in it. People have been left with long term crush injuries after enduring a flight with a lump on top of them (though Gods knows why they didn't complain). Even in a more normal situation physically touching some big fat lump for an entire flight is pretty unpleasant (and I'm not having a go at overweight people here, most people are fairly fragant after 12 hours on a plane).

    The funniest thing i've seen on flight was 3 fatties all sat at the bulkhead as they couldn't or wouldn't fit into normal rows. All was fine until feeding time, everyone else flipped the seat back tables down, being on the bulkhead their tables were the ones that fold out from the seat arms. Unfortunatly they were too fat and the tables wouldn't unfold over their food babies. In the end the fligh crew had to find some trays so they could balance their food on their stomachs, twas very funny.


    On one of my many flights to the UK last year I ended up in economy sitting beside jabba the hutt. **** me, this poor dude was spilling over the top and bottom of the seat. It wasn't actually funny as I honestly coudl not actually sit in my seat without leaning all the way over to give the guy room. It was incredibly uncomfortable and quite stressful actually bearing in mind i had 12 hours of it. Once we took off i squeezed out (he honestly couldn't move so i had to climb over him) and collared a air hostess where i deliocately pointed out that having paid full whack for an economy ticket i expected a complete economy seat please ! She was very apologetic and 10 minutes later appeared and shunted me into premium economy (I am a very frequent flyer you know dahlings !). WHich was fine but i did feel sorry for anyone who has to put up with that. If you can;t fit into the width of a seat (and seat widths are published) then you shoudl be paying or be accomodated in 2. So there fat people. And I also subscribe to the 'total weight' theory – you and your bags get, say 110kg anything over you pay for.

    While flying back fron NZ last year I got stuck next to this skinny liitle streak of piss.Dodgy little bugger kept stroking my leg,and rubbing up against me like my granny's pomeranian. I thought that caper was still against the law in NZ, since the rest of the place is stuck in the 1960's, but it would appear not.Anyway while going to q for a few bags of crisps to keep the old hunger pangs off,I asked the stewardess if there was anything she could do to move the frisky little tyke.She said she would see what she could do, soon he went to the toilet and didn't come back.I assume the skinny wee git was sucked down with the rest of the crap, mind he was so thin he would rise,not fall.


    you and your bags get, say 110kg anything over you pay for.

    So if you're a normal person and use less than that it is still very unfair.

    Premier Icon kennyp

    I still think the airlines should base the fare on the total weight of passenger/luggage.

    Seems a sensible idea to me.


    I still think the airlines should base the fare on the total weight of passenger/luggage.

    below avarage height are we? feel a bit hard done by in the gene pool?

    bless your little cotton socks!


    jamesca, (below avarage height are we? feel a bit hard done by in the gene pool?) 😆

    Premier Icon NZCol

    duckman – nice, like it. You smelt tho …

    gusamc – Member
    same issue on buses and trains………………..

    Polite note to bus/train/plane designers. Stop looking at films of Butlins in the 60s to determine average UK person size please.
    Trucks are rated on their gross weight, buses on their passenger capacity.
    I can't remember the exact figures, but it's something like, up to 1980 the average weight of a passenger was reckoned at 66kg, after 1980 it was 75kg.
    I don't think the seats got any bigger though.


    While we're fatty bashing, can someone do something about their smell too?

    I love fatties, where else can you be incredibly cruel and discriminating without being labelled a racist or sexist?


    Nowt worse than a sweaty biffa parked next to you for hours on a flight – combined weight for me too , except it would be fattest and human rights tossbags would step in as usual


    I'm all in favour of a compbined passenger/luggage limit. Me and race bike together are under 11st.

    However, there of course many large people who are not fat. Rugby players, boxers, etc. Any thoughts?


    Whilst broadly in agreement with fat people paying a premium etc, I have concerns about the hoop idea. I should hate to see slim women with big breasts barred from flying. That has the potential to make flying a much less interesting experience.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    We should be agitating for seats and legroom to fit the fatties comfortably. It's good for them, and even better for the rest of us who would have some spare room to luxuriate in on a flight.

    If we agitate against the fatties, we're playing the airlines game – they want public pressure as an excuse to squeeze us even tighter.

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