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  • garmin forerunner 305 replacement straps.
  • Just to be clear – you mean the watch strap part? Not the HRM?

    If so I’ve got one spare you can have – barely if ever used. No pins tho as far as I remember (they get used on the bike mount?)


    its the part that lets you wear this like a watch for running , not the orange brains of the operation.

    you get a bike mount ? – interesting , can you switch quickly from bike to run? or do you have to un pin it and put the watch strap back on ?

    I think you remove the original rubber strap, then leave the pins in the watch. The bike mount is the same as the clip thing on the velcro strap – except shaped for bars and has room for cable ties. So to change from bike to run you’d need to use the velcro strap.

    Mine just stays on the bike all the time though so I’ve never actually done it.

    Anyway the rubber straps are yours if required.


    So broke the strap on the forerunner last night – can i get a replacement

    everywhere i look does the forerunner 910 straps but im strugling to find 305 straps in the uk.

    any ideas ?

    can i use a xt910 strap as a direct replacement ? can i whap on a velcro strap as thatll be a bit more robust than the current rubber strap??


    I’ve got the ‘quick release’ bike mount/velcro combo; works pretty well and it’s a simple clip/unclip on each mount. The velcro is also much more comfortable on the wrist then the original strap – though it’s possible I’ve just got funny shaped wrists 😉



    Sorted. Big thanks to couldawouldashoulda , top banana


    Your’re welcome.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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