garmin 705 I could scream !!!

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  • garmin 705 I could scream !!!
  • daj

    This really is a dummy spitting moment !!

    Did a ride the other day with local club on new route to me, mapped the ride on the Garmin and thought today with a friend follow the route by going through the history option….. Simple huh? πŸ™„

    This has happened before but today aggghhh I actually screamed , I had to reload the route about 5 times due to it just randomly plotting all over the place (crazy figures of 8 etc), Sometimes just showing part routes, plotting us along completly different roads,one min being on track then not … More will come to me im sure

    Its not locked onto Road mode.

    Anyone else have issues with them?

    yeah it fooks me right off everytime i try to use it

    I've obviously got all this to come…………

    There's an algorythm on the training center software to smooth out the route by reducing the number of waypoints, tried that?

    GPS signals arent entirley consistent so if you ride in a small circle or stay still a while it can think youre doing odd things.


    What firmware version are you using?
    Try this forum too for advice


    update firmware (may wipte you unit so back it all up first) and then convert the gpx to a tcx course and follow the course – that what I do πŸ™‚

    google TCX convertor – freeware and its spot on πŸ™‚

    i had a buyer for mine then lost his details ;-( still cant decide if im glad or not lol

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    Do you not need to switch it to 'offroad' so it goes straight between the points without trying to route you along tracks?

    I've never really tried what you are doing so I'm not sure. What I tend to do is to export the tracks I like and save them as gpx. Then when I need them I just upload them again and get them to show up in colour rather than trying to 'route'

    Yes it's pants but persevere as once you get it it is rather a nice device really


    Don't follow the route – JUST CONVERT THE ROUTE TO A COURSE WITH TCX CONVERTOR – honestly – you won't look back πŸ™‚

    so if i plan a ride using mapsource what do i save it as to follow as a route to ride and how do i actually start it off to follow it ie where is it lol


    save as GPX – then open TCX convertor and then open the gpx file. Then on the RHS save as TCX – the option then after giving it a file name "do you want to save this as a route or course (something like that). Save as course (will save as a .TCX file). Then upload the TCX to the Garmin/Courses folder on the unit – then on the unit go to training menu then select courses then select the uploaded course – job done πŸ™‚ Its will tell you wether or not your off course (although if you dont map it accurately it will keep telling you this) πŸ™‚

    jesus what a faff you wouldnt believe garmin made the unit the maps and the software would you lol

    ive done one before and it told me turn by turn directions with street names too


    I never use mine in navigation mode after I hit a random button once and it took us straight of the trail and re-calculated us a nice road route back to the starting point!

    I'm in agreement with either the course idea (our site downloads our routes as a course straight to any edge) or just drop the GPX file on the device, go to map setup on the route, check the 'show on map' box, giving the polyline a nice visible purple color, then zoom in and follow the line! Hope that helps!! πŸ™‚


    Its not a faff when all you have to do is export the GPX you have spend 10 mins making! convert it to a TCX file (30 seconds) then upload it (10 seconds) ? 😯

    yeah but youd think as they made all the stuff you use you could make the route press to send and it would work without any converting of anything. thanks tho


    Second tcx converter. Nearly smashed my laptop up the other day because I thought that was at fault when I couldn't get a course to load to my forerunner, ended up having to do a hard factory reset on the forerunner and it worked, lost all my settings and all the courses off it, stupidly not saved on the computer


    BTW you can convert it to a course I think from a tracklog in Training Centre I think


    Yup just tested it – download a route from you 705 to training centre ( a free download from Garmin) then right click the activity the convert to course and upload it back to the 705 unit πŸ™‚

    I was just asked about mapsource originally πŸ™‚

    i shall have another play with it cheers

    I tend to choose the route from 'Where to' and click 'Show on Map'

    I then don't choose to navigate the route at all, but on the map page the route will be displayed and I just follow from there.

    As above, convert to course works well but it's a bit more of a faff…


    Foxy has it right. Just use courses and not GPX. I use Mapmyride to plot my routes or upload a gpx to Mapmyride and then export to 705 as a TCX file.


    Great stuff, lots to work with

    Another issue I have quite often is when your route crosses paths with itself on say an extended loop, I always find it just routes itself on the shorted route ignoring what's been planned sending you onto the finish? If that makes sense?



    Ooof all this mapping linking seems to get them very confused. Glad I still only have my old etrex which just drops breadcrumbs and doesn't try to match paths etc!


    daj – you got nav on so the shared waypoint means it'll redirect to home – use the top 2 methods and you wont have this problem πŸ™‚


    Brilliant – thank you


    I spent two months cursing the thing everyday, I thought it was the biggest load of crap out! In the end someone showed me how to download and convert to txc and I have never looked back. It's great also to look for other peoples routes in Garmin Connect as you can save those and load onto your 705 too.

    made route in gpx, converted to tcx can upload to device. im ready to drop kick the fookin thing

    right works up to a point , but only manages some of the route the rest is blank. ;-(

    right started again and got it loaded. looks like it might work all the route is there now. must have been some glitch in the first conversion. cant test now gotta go out ;-( but its there for fridays test ride.

    thanks all maybe it wont get thrown in the bin just yet. dunno how id did it before but i planned a route on mapsoure and it gave me turn by turn nav with the street names even showing on the screen

    ah well

    As someone pointed out above – you can create a course from a tracklog on the Edge itself so there's no need to export and reload. Definitely works on my 605 though took me a while to find the menu/option.

    I really like the 605 but there are so many 'nearlys' with it. The navigation is just a joke – no idea why they thought that algorithm would be useful for a cyclist.

    Courses work up to a point but I haven't found a way to track total distance for the day – ie ride to start of a course you've downloaded, follow the course, extend ride after end of course (or just riding a section of it).

    On my old Etrex Legend this was no issue – I'd end up with an active tracklog for the whole ride plus a time/distance etc. On the Edge i end up with a load of different rides. Any suggestions?

    Autostart would be good as well…

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