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  • Garmin 510 or 810 – Or another choice ?
  • CaptainSlow

    I had the same decision to make recently and went for the 500. I don’t need mapping and have an iPhone with Tom Tom, view ranger and google maps on it If I did need mapping. I also didn’t need to link to a phone as I have find my iPhone and I don’t mind the “hassle” of having to connect it via USB to upload to garmin connect.

    I got the 500 premium hr and cadence package for £180. I spent the money I saved over the newer ones or the ones with mapping on cocaine and hookers*

    I’m very pleased with it.

    *this bit is probably not true.


    What for? Just a cycle computer, or training, or navigation etc?
    If you want navigation, it is worth getting something that you can load maps on, ie the Edge 810.

    If you don’t care about training, have a look at the Garmin Etrex or Dakota etc.

    please, help me decide which GPS I’d best benefit from.

    for road duties mainly.

    TIA 😯

    I’d like it for the functions available on garmin connect, hence the 510 or 810 as a training tool / media interface if that makes sense….?


    First GPS so I have nothing to compare. Happy with the Dakota for use as a computer and navigation


    Well done captain slow….at least you didn’t waste your windfall!


    800 here. Very pleased with it. Map out a road route on, upload it to the device, hit go, job jobbed. I got a good deal on a package including OS maps but for road duties, free maps are great anyway so I’d go as cheap as you can. I’ve had other garmin devices from and had no problems, their prices seem consistently the best around.


    Thx shed locks 🙂

    TLR – you can still use all the garmin connect stuff with a 500 or 800. Have a look at DCrainmakers site here :

    I found the comparison of the others useful both in terms of size and spec


    If you can live without livetracking and phone app support then get the 800 instead of the 810.

    Premier Icon mrblobby

    I went for the 810. Deliberated over 510 or 810 but as the form factor is pretty much the same I went 810. Use the map function a lot more than I thought I would and knock up road routes to train on using I’m a bit useless at remembering routes so it’s great for me as I get more variety of routes, and I hate stopping to check maps so not having to do that is brilliant. Very pleased with it and glad I got the 810 over the 510.

    Have an old 500 too that I thought I’d still use for things like TTs, but with the bigger display on the 810 I find myself using that now and very rarely using the 500.

    Edit: As for 810 features compared to the 800. I don’t really use the connected stuff, should explore a bit more. The touch screen is nice though and works surprisingly well.


    Whats happened with that garmin ‘touring’ that showed up temporarily on wiggle then diaspeared? Nothing since

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