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  • towzer

    * this may be bolleax as I may not quite be getting the problem -ie has just the pin sheared

    1 – ebay
    2 – can you get a bolt etc of the same diameter and just use it to replace the pin
    3 * – google for same problem


    Have had a look on ebay, but no joy. Might look for a complete 2nd hand arm though – that’s a thought.

    I ‘think’ the profile of a bolt head would foul on the side of the door. The original has a flattened end, almonst like a big rivet.

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    I’d be very careful about bodging anything to do with the springs on garage doors.

    I replaced the wire on one side of mine a year or so back – the energy stored in those springs is huge.

    You really don’t want some bodge job going ‘spoing’ as your nearest and dearest are walking past.


    There must be a local fabricator who could make one of those pins. What is it? A coin-shaped part and a short bar?


    get a bolt and get somebody with a grinder to shave the head – also have a check for low profile bolts

    get a bit of metal that fits pivot hole, cut to length, drill a hole in each end (through) and put on two big washers and 2 big R clips on it either side


    get a domed head coach bolt ?

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    Have you spoken to Henderson, last time I needed something for mine, dealt with them directly very helpful, and parts arrived by post.


    Any garage door experts around today?

    I’ve got a Henderson double door on my garage and one of the hinges has failed. There’s a large pin joining the arm/spring assembly to the bracket on the frame which has sheared.

    Here’s a photo of the other side which still works – the round pin is visible in the centre:


    I’ve called 2 repair places and both have said the part isn’t available so all the gear would need to be replaced (c. ££900!).

    Anyone had any similar experiences? Advice, recommendations?

    Cheers in advance.


    the energy stored in those springs is huge

    that’s very true. In fact I’m not sure how I’d stretch the thing far enought to re-join the 2 sections even if I can get a part

    Have you spoken to Henderson

    no, the local door repair place told me they no longer make garage doors. A bit of googling suggests they still do spares although I can’t find the bit I need. Will give them a call anyway.


    Where abouts are you?


    Near St Albans in Herts.

    Open the garage door and then dismantle the arm,it will not be under tension when open. Take it to a local car repair shop to get it welded. Im in the door game, Henderson’s are well known(as are all large manufactures) for pulling your pants down on after sales/spares, its where they make there money. A new door maybe cheaper!!! (Hormann, Cardale et al are all the same)

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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