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  • maxtorque

    So, having been mostly an XC kinda rider, i find myself attempting bigger and bigger stuff (caviat: big for me, not necessarily big in general 😉 , and naturally, quite likeing my face, and not wanting to be made even uglier by any impending face / scenery interface, i am wondering about getting a FF helmet.

    So, does it look odd / silly, to be riding an AM bike in a full face and do people find them to be heavy / restrictive when out on a more pedally ride etc??


    You’ll just look “enduro”


    I regularly ride my HT with a full face, but never if I have to pedal, they’re pretty horrible if you actually have to put some effort in for longer then a few minutes.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    It does look odd, but who cares?

    But, even a well vented one like my Urge is still pretty unpleasant to ride pedally stuff in. Not too bad at this time of year but come summer, no ta.

    (even in winter, it’s still less pleasant- you sweat even when it’s cold and the helmet retains that)

    So then you end up being that guy that rides around with a full face helmet on his back… And sooner or later you’ll do some short descent or techy climb that you can’t be bothered to put the helmet on for.


    Yeah, that thought had crossed my mind, a decent helmet is only any good if you are actually wearing it when you crash……..

    Assuming we were talking about trail centers (urgh, i know i know) who rides in a full face? Some of the more rocky ones make a FF look like a good idea if you are trying something outside of your more normal skills?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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