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  • GJP

    Has anyone got any experience of these? Wiggle are doing them for £89 a pair. Weight: front: 876g, rear: 1083g. Is this reasonable for super budget wheel set or a bit lardy

    Any other ideas for a budget 26in disk only 6 bolt wheelset



    Budget wheels are all that heavy. Never tried them as I build wheels.


    I have some red metal 5’s that are a good few years old and taken some abuse over plenty of miles. they’d been in the garage for a while till I bought my sanderson frame last week. I dug the red metals out to give them a once over, stripped both hubs expecting to find siezed bearings, the grease in the front hub was so clean it was still white, the NDS of the rear was the same, the freehub was a little mucky. I was amazed at how well sealed they are, all bearings were still running very smooth.
    I spent last night with the hair dryer taking the stickers off the rims, now they’re all ready to go on the new build!
    If you dont mind the weight, I’d say go for them, I assume the 10’s have the same hubs as the 5’s (I think the 5’s were the lowest spec when I got them). And they’re not that heavy compared to other budget offerings for the same price.

    Paul McG

    Just got a set, only ridden on them twice. First impressions are they’re OK – but you get what you pay for. Reasonably heavy and felt pretty flexy to me (but then I’m a 90kg+ lard arse with no riding technique).

    Premier Icon Squirrel

    Just got a pair. Fitted but not ridden yet. Look OK, and don’t seem toooo heavy. No eyelets around the nipple holes, and a fairly roughly drilled Presta size valve hole. Plain spokes.

    I’ve had some 5’s for around a year and they’ve been great: they look much better quality.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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