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  • Friday night – and Bosch car battery warranty
  • I fitted a new Bosch S4 (4 year warranty) last November in Surrey.

    Its not been used for a few weeks and I had a struggle starting it this morning (cold) – in Scotland and had a look under the bonnet this evening. The battery is leaking from both terminals and is covered in a white “fungus” – looks like its been leaking acid on itself and the tray etc and had a wee corrosive piss about the engine bay too.

    Anyway its not overcharging (14.5v – I’ve no way of measuring charging amps). So as its Friday night anyone know who to take it to for a warranty job (like would kwik fit/ halfords warranty a battery sold at the other end of the county).

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    Who did you buy it from?
    Do you have a receipt/proof of purchase?

    Yerp – I’ve the receipt in the glove box. Auto factors in the SE. But they aint answering the phone til Monday.

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    I suspect you are going to have to deal with the original supplier. Does the Auto Factor have a more local branch? You might get further with a local dealer than a chain (i.e. they’d have more discretion as to how to deal with it)

    Dang – they’re a one shop setup.

    Well there is some good news: I’ve had a look on the Bosch site and if I break down the due to a flat bosch battery the RAC will recover me.

    The bad news is the bosch dealers in Edinburgh are all Factor type of places (Euro, Pentland…) rather than actual garages. And I cant see them giving me a free battery without at least a mechanic giving it a once over.

    Top job rockthreegozy: I’m not sure Chathams exist anymore but that website lists some more bosch options for the Lothians.

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