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  • Fricking ITV4 TdF ad breaks!
  • IanW

    That was annoying.


    Idiots. And it was a long one with 3 dove care for men in a row. There’s a product I will now never buy.

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    Wonder if they will edit it in for the highlights


    That was spectacularly crap timing!

    Why did they have one when Chris Froome made his move on the final climb of the stage? I thought they were banned during the final 20km?

    Premier Icon ampthill

    Caused an argument here. We were watching in time slip. Mrs Ampthill forwards the ad break.

    I’m all you’ve missed all the action, go back, you must have forwarded 2 ad breaks. She’s all no its 5km to the finish still. I’m he can’t have caught and passed that Columbian during an ad break, she’s well he has

    OK I lost

    PS we needed a warning spoiler title

    Try watching it on ITV Player…painful!


    Was thinking when did Froome overtake the Columbian? Thought it was me who wasn’t paying attention for a couple of minutes – obviously not! Why couldn’t they run a replay?


    I simply can watch it – makes me so angry! 👿


    ITV are crap at sport coverage. They used to do this all the time with F1.

    However I felt that this one was particularly unforgivable. The Peloton has begun to accelerate towards Quintana, there are only 20km to go. Sky are getting the hammer down….so lets cut to a 4 minute ad break.


    LIst of products to boycott coming up….

    On a slight tangent… I listened to a french language TdF grunt-in, and one of the callers, as far as I could understand it, compared Froome’s performance today with Armstrong’s performance in 2003.

    Please let let that caller be cynical and wrong.


    The ad insertions are automatic are they not?


    Producer chooses when they are apparently.

    Premier Icon nickdavies

    Unless I was being exceedingly dense they did the same thing on the highlights, the move wasn’t shown. No excuse really, you could argue a live feed maybe but when it’s the highlights it should be that. Unless the feed is controlled by the French and it wasn’t filmed?

    During the highlights there was an ad break at 19:30, then another at 19:35. Give it to the BBC!


    Ad break was inexcusable, highlights were an abomination. Not really sure what happened today but the producers/editors/whomever deserve a shoeing.

    Armstrong in 2003 struggled up to this finish, Ullrich gained some seconds. It had a different name back then. So what were they comparing?

    Premier Icon swavis

    I watched on Eurosport and while I had to listen to Sean Kelly occasionally they got all the add breaks out of the way before the final climb. Carlton Kirby even kept apologising and counting the add breaks down.

    Premier Icon aracer

    Eurosport at least have a clue how to cover cycling – if I could still get that I’d watch it for live coverage (actually come to think if it, aren’t there ways to watch Eurosport free online). ITV seem to manage to show a whole 45 minutes of football without an ad break – somebody needs to tell the ITV producer that having ad breaks on the final climb is like having ad breaks part way through a penalty shoot out.

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    aren’t there ways to watch Eurosport free online

    It’s a fiver, get on with it. There are links from cyclingfans for various free links if you are desperate and like closing pop ups but for a fiver it just isn’t worth it. Note that if you aren’t in the uk you aren’t guaranteed to get it in English 🙁


    Eurosport player on the PC and iPhone/Pad is pretty good. I reckon it’s worth it and use it a lot. Could be a lot better if they added more on-demand stuff for example.

    Someone on another thread I think suggested it may be a cynical move to get you to sign up to ITV premium online. It did feel as if it was deliberate as the ad timing really could not have been worse.

    Also how is Phil Liggot “the voice of cycling”? Was away today so had to watch on itv and the commentary is pretty dire compared to Eurosport. Don’t remember him being this bad from watching TdF on channel 4 as a kid.


    That ad break was terrible. Team Sky were something like 12 seconds behind, then when it comes back on, Froome’s out on his own, and I’m thinking, ooh, he must be bridging the gap….

    Surely, even if they absolutely must have had that ad break they could have started it from where it left off.

    Unless I was being exceedingly dense they did the same thing on the highlights, the move wasn’t shown

    they showed the catch of Quintana and Froome heading off solo in the highlights.


    I got a bit confused when Ligget was talking about Froome struggling to stay on Porte’s wheel, and the next thing was Froome out in front on his own. Of course that could just as well have been Ligget getting it wrong.

    Oh, and that Wiggle ad they have this year is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

    Premier Icon psling

    Yeah, but what about the one today starring hora in a Virgin Trains ad… 😆

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