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  • campfreddie

    I’ve just taken delivery of a frame bought through here and whilst I am pretty happy with it, the condition of the paint is pretty awful (the paint is not original and has been very poorly applied).

    I want to keep the frame, so I am not suggesting to the seller that he takes it back (it is really only the paint condition, and a weepy shock that I am concerned about), but I have invited his thoughts on the matter.

    Anyways… my intention is (whilst the frame is stripped of headset and bb-cups etc), to get the paint sorted out.

    Does anyone have any good recommendations for getting a frame repainted without costing the earth (there is no point is spending hundreds as it is more than the frame is worth!). I’m totally baffled by powder-coating, enamel finishes and even anodising (the frame is alloy).



    Get it powder coated. I estimate £25-30 to coat a stripped frame and the end result will be like new.

    I’ve done two bikes like this. Just about to get another one done.


    any recommendations on who to go to… would they be able to strip the frame too?


    would they be able to strip the frame too?

    Some will, some won’t. Best to Google powder coaters in your area and try calling a few. Even if they don’t you could ask them if they know of any bead blasters who could do it for you.

    Make sure that if you have the frame blast-cleaned it’s done with glass bead, walnut shell chips or soda. DON’T get it shot or grit blasted as this will rip it to bits. Alternatively get it chemically dipped but make sure that they use a process which won’t attack aluminium.

    I had some alloy wheels stripped and powder coated last year – it cost me £20 per wheel for stripping and £80 to get the lot powder coated. Stick to plain colours, it’s cheaper (i.e. black, white, red, yellow). Wet paint/enamel gives you more options as far as colours and finish are concerned but will be expensive.

    Forget anodising. Chances are that somewhere the frame will have some steel inserts for bottle bosses, pivot points etc. Unless you can remove them it FUBARs the whole anodosing process and you will be saddled with a hefty bill.


    sorted… off to Trestan in Southampton (as recommended on here).

    they sound like they know their stuff!

    i just need to strip the frame of all the bushing etc and get hold of some new decals so they can apply them beneath the lacquer.

    now the question is… do i leave the rear triangle raw aluminim (but get them to clean it up), or do have that powder-coated too?

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