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  • Fox float RL – rear shock – how much air ?
  • Trimix

    Ive got a 2011 Fox float RL fitted to my Transition Covert.

    Its a great rear shock, but just how much air can I put in it. For general mucking about / trail riding at the correct SAG Im running 210 psi.

    However, after a recent day at Chicksands I did manage to bottom it out with quite a thump. Being 90kg and riding like an elephant Id like to avoid such a whack next time and wondered just how much more air I can use.

    The guidelines on the website dont take into account the bikes suspension design or the landing height. Just how much psi can I put into it before it goes pop ?

    Hi Trimix,

    You could safely go up to 300psi without problems. Its worth noting that the more pressure you run the more you’ll have to wind the red rebound dial in to prevent the shock from feeling like a pogo stick.
    If youve not given the shock an ‘air can service’ in the last 6 months it would be a wise idea. This will keep it running sweet and prevent the chances of the shock ‘sucking down’. This ‘sucking down’ is also why you might be blowing through your travel easily.
    Feel free to call us 015397 32262 for any further help


    As above 300 psi max, bu the rebound will probably be overwheled at that pressure even on full slow.
    Have look at the setup guide here:


    If you want to adjust the amount your shock ramps up at the end of its travel,more adjustment.Try this free tip.You tube,fox float volume reducer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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