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  • Fox cable guide issue
  • matther01

    Anyone else suffered from the guide not holding the cable properly (even though you’ve tightened the screw to the limit)?

    Anyone done a DIY workaround?


    Have you got the washer behind the hose guide before you tightened it up.?


    They come with a little pad that stops the hose rattling when you’re riding, it tends to fall off when you undo the fitting,
    A wrap of insulting tape sorts it out, or make a little pad out of some rubber to sit behind the hose in the guide

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    What khani said. But any small square of rubber will do. If you look carefully you’ll see the indentation in the lowers where the rubber block is meant to fit. It’s about 8x5x3mm if you’re going to cut a replacement.


    Havent seen a washer and the pad block is in the right place. It all a bit bizarre…as even tried using a different guide off another ser of fox forks and exactly the same issue.


    Send them back to the point of sale demanding a replacement pair under warranty 😀


    small rectangle of inner tube super glued to the guide.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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